Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

Give Your Customers that Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

Your Guide to Balancing Tech with Humanity to Master Communication & Build Relationships with Your Customers

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A lot has changed about our lives.

One thing has remained constant: how much pet parents love their pets. Of course, those pets will need care, but new restrictions and rules add anxiety to every visit for both pet & parent. What can you do to show your customers that they’re in good hands?

Keep them in the loop.

Learn how to build lasting customer relationships through tech-enable communication with a human touch by downloading your copy of “Give Your Customers that Warm & Fuzzy Feeling: Communications Strategies that Build Relationships with Your Customers”, presented courtesy of the Technology Therapy® Group.

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You’ll Learn

  • How to Set, Manage, & Exceed Expectations
  • Ways to Use Technology to Your Advantage
  • Why & How to Gather Feedback
  • The Power of Personalization
  • And more

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