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Client: Weddings in the Bahamas
Project: Facebook

Anne Marie from Weddings in the Bahamas came to us after being unhappy with the slow growth and performance of her Facebook page. Weddings in the Bahamas is a premier destination wedding planning business in the Bahamas, and Anne Marie was looking for help to spread the word about her highly-praised services. When Anne Marie first started her business many years ago, she was one of only a select few wedding planners in the area – in recent years, the destination wedding business has exploded and now Anne Marie faces tough competition. She recognized that in order to compete in the newly competitive marketplace, she needed to establish a strong social media presence.

Step 1. Identifying Desired Content

When Technology Therapy Group took over the Weddings in the Bahamas Facebook page, the page had about 400 fans. The first step in building up the fan base was to determine what it was potential clients wanted to see. It didn’t take long to recognize that the visual elements resonated best – future brides and grooms wanted to see photos of other happy couples enjoying their Bahamas wedding. We took this knowledge and ran with it – at least once a week on the page we would put up a photo album of a recent wedding along with a message describing the ceremony and reception and wishing the couple well. We’d fill in the other days with photos of cakes, bouquets and various wedding venues. Once the page switched to the Timeline format, the emphasis on visual content only helped to make the photos stand out more.


Step 2. Building Interaction

As any good Facebook marketer knows, simply posting content on the page and walking away is not enough to build an engaged audience and turn them into paying customers. One of the greatest qualities about Weddings in the Bahamas is the personal relationships they build with their clients. Many of Anne Marie’s past couples have become close friends and return to visit her in the Bahamas every few years. We really wanted this aspect of the business to translate to the Facebook page, so we made it a point to take the time to reply to each and every comment, message and question in a friendly and timely manner. Additionally, we would periodically pose poll questions to the fans and encourage past bride and grooms to share their experience and offer advice to future newlyweds.


Step 3. Attracting New Clients

Our strategy of posting great, visual content and building strong, engaging relationships paid off in the form of nearly 200 new fans. While this would have been satisfactory to many marketers, we knew we could do better. Thus, it was time to venture into the wonderful world of Facebook advertisements.

As Weddings in the Bahamas was new to PPC, we decided to try it out with a minimal budget and only 2 or 3 ads which we would change out periodically. After just a few short months, the number of likes on the page began to grow by the hundreds. We played around with the targeting, adjusting the interests and demographics, and found a strategy that gave results. Since we’ve started with Facebook advertisements, the number of likes on the page has nearly quadrupled to a current fan base of 2,300+ (and this number is growing every day). Thus, with our integrated approach, the ads served to attract the audience while the content on the page kept them involved.


Step 4. Closing the Deal

But what good is a fantastic Facebook page if it doesn’t translate, in some way or another, into achieving business goals? In order to measure the success of our overall strategy, we simply turned to Anne Marie. She told us that when she has an interested couple and sends them over to the Facebook page to learn more, simply visiting the page is generally what seals the deal.

We can also tell by the number of comments and messages inquiring about Weddings in the Bahamas’ services that our efforts are driving interest. Different businesses have different goals for their social media efforts; for Weddings in the Bahamas, enhancing customer engagement and sparking interest in her services were two goals that we exceeded with flying colors. For us, seeing the wedding album of a recent couple and recognizing them as one of our most engaged Facebook fans – well, to us, that means a job well done!


Weddings in the Bahamas

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