What’s Involved In Creating A Great Infographic For Your Business?


Infographics are great marketing tools for the small business owner. These wildly popular graphics combine essential information – often eye-opening stats or facts – with appealing elements of design. Infographics can appear on your company website, on your blog, and on social media. There are even infographic sharing sites, such as visual.ly and DailyInfographic.com, where business owners can upload their own infographics and find infographics to share with their customers via social media.

What’s Involved in Creating A Great Infographic?


Begin with an idea. What do you want your infographic to communicate? This idea should in some way support your business. For example, a travel agency may want to spur their customer’s vacation planning with an infographic showing the 10 Most Popular Cities in the World, while a fitness instructor could motivate their clientele with an infographic that shows the benefits of exercise.

Next, collect accurate, interesting stats or facts relevant to the idea. People love infographics because they communicate a lot of high value information quickly. You don’t have to go into extreme detail here: think in sets of 3-5 facts for maximum clarity.

Working with a graphic designer, you’ll want to arrange those facts and stats in a way that’s visually compelling, easy to understand, and reflects your brand identity. The colors, fonts, and iconography you use should appeal to your customers. There should be a link on the infographic back to your website, so viewers know where they should go to find out more information.

Be sure to have your designer create the infographic in a file type that’s easily shared online, such as a jpg. Share your infographic with your customers regularly. This is a high value piece of content that you’ve spent a lot of time and resources creating, get maximum mileage out of it!

Sound overwhelming? The Technology Therapy Group helps our clients design and deploy infographics as part of their digital marketing strategy all of the time. If you need help, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you put this powerful digital marketing tool to work for you.

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