The Wide World of Games


The news that the typical Millennial spends up to 96 minutes a day playing games on their phone has captured the marketing world’s attention. There’s a lot of discussion about gamification right now – gamification is the art of introducing fun into retail spaces and retail into fun spaces. There are many different types of experiences that are included in the gamification category, including:


As seen on Buzzfeed and social media, short funny quizzes that tell participants something about themselves after they’ve answered a few questions are a form of gamification. Examples include “What kind of hipster are you?” and “Are you a true child of the 90’s?”

Interactive Apps

L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius is a great example of an interactive app. Users take a picture of themselves and then ‘try’ various shades of cosmetic without ever once having to try the product. Tiffany & Co has a similar engagement ring finder. Interactive apps increase the amount of time shoppers spend with your merchandise, boosting brand visibility and average purchase amounts. Interactive apps also enjoy a significant word-of-mouth benefit as people enjoy recommending these types of experiences to their friends.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a type of game. Customers play by strategically planning purchases to earn rewards and take advantage of discounts. Starbucks has one of the most successful loyalty programs on the planet: they recently realized a 3% sales growth from their established customers simply by tweaking how users earn rewards.

Scavenger Hunts & Trivia Contests

Popular on social media, these type of games challenge players to find information or pictures on the brand’s website or social media sites. Prizes are awarded either to the first person to collect all required information or to respond with correct answers; very competitive contests award multiple rewards.

Sponsored Gameplay Apps

Sponsored gameplay apps feature popular digital games with spaces provided for business advertising. This advertising can take the form of header or footer imagery or display ads between games. Some sponsored gameplay apps include several advertisers, while others are exclusive to one brand.

Why Games Are So Important Right Now

Game play is an established cultural norm. Millennials in particular are avid game players, and they represent the largest segment of active game players. Gamification introduces your brand presence into a space your customer actively choose to be. It’s a unique way to stand out and be heard in a world increasingly overwhelmed with commercial messaging. It’s never too late to start introducing some fun into your customers’ experience.Wide World of

The Wide World of Games
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The Wide World of Games
The typical Millennial spends up to 96 minutes a day playing games on their phone. How will you use this in your marketing strategy?

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