More Than Words: It’s Time To Talk About Emojis


Over the course of the past few years, emojis have made their way from cute keyboard tricks used as shorthand by net-savvy youngsters to a critical element of mainstream communication. Proof of concept: on Monday, Chevy issued a press release composed 100% of emojis. Chevy’s all-emoji press release: ludicrous or whimsical? Click To Tweet Can… Continue Reading »


Execution Isn’t Everything: The Value of Being Real on Social Media


Digital marketing, particularly when social media’s part of the mix, requires a lot of content. Fresh graphics, photos, and videos are needed regularly. While it’s certainly possible to have your marketing agency provide a significant amount of these marketing materials, there are some things even the best agency can’t do for you – things like:… Continue Reading »


It’s Not The Size That Matters


Remember when Facebook decided it was all about the images, and started prioritizing posts that had large images over posts that didn’t? The change was supposed to enhance the user experience, but apparently, size wasn’t what Facebook users were looking for. The longer you spend looking at a post the higher priority that post type… Continue Reading »


Mobile’s Changing Everything – And Not In The Way You Might Think


Just this morning, I watched one woman, deeply engrossed with her smartphone, walk directly into another woman who was doing the same thing. The collision was relatively minor – and so was each woman’s reaction to the event. There were some muttered apologies from each, and they went on their way. The fact they’d run… Continue Reading »