Email Marketing: How Much Is Too Much?


Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools available to small business owners, but it’s definitely a numbers game. If you don’t email your customers often enough, they’re going to forget who you are – but emailing too frequently is the number one cause of unsubscribes and complaints. How can you find… Continue Reading »


Compliance Issues Don’t Just Go Away When You’re On Social Media


Why Your Legal Department Needs to Know What The Marketing Team is Up To As sick as you may be of Kim Kardashian’s antics, chances are you’re not nearly as tired of hearing her name as the legal department of Duchesnay, USA. That company is responsible for the manufacture of a drug called Diclegis, which… Continue Reading »


Social Media Insecurity: It’s Not About How Awesome Your BFF’s Life Looks Anymore


As social media pages become a more and more vital part of many organizations’ marketing mix, they’re also becoming a more attractive target to hackers. There are many reasons hackers are going after Facebook pages; the more sophomoric may be in it for the laughs, while others may be attempting to make a political point,… Continue Reading »


The Hipster Hamburglar Was a Social Media Hit – and a Sales Flop


Bloomberg Business recently ran an article detailing how McDonald’s re-introduction of the Hamburglar character – now stylish and bearded, rather than cartoonish and creepy – created lots of social media buzz, but there was no corresponding spike in sirloin burger sales. It’s essential that your messaging appeals to the audience you’re targeting on social media…. Continue Reading »