How Much Is Too Much? Determining The Ideal Word Count For Your Content Marketing


Creating informative blog posts, articles, reports and emails for your customers is one of the classic techniques of content marketing. The concept is simple. You’re providing your audience with information that benefits your customer in a direct way while simultaneously demonstrating your expertise. There’s no sales pressure. It’s purely an informative exchange. When the time… Continue Reading »


Therapy Time: You Are Not Your Customer!


Okay, small business owners! It’s time for some tough love from the Tech Therapist. We’re just about to get into the holiday season – the most critical quarter of the year for many of you! – and it’s essential that your marketing campaigns deliver results. The first step in making this happen is coming to… Continue Reading »


Should Coupons Be Part of Your Holiday Marketing Strategy?


Digital coupons are among the most effective shopping incentives, a recent whitepaper by Forrester Consulting reports. Shoppers prefer coupons and coupon codes over other types of promotions, and when they’re using a coupon, customers abandon their shopping carts far less frequently. With that in mind, should coupons be part of your holiday marketing strategy? The… Continue Reading »


Understanding Your Business Website: Responsive Design


What it is: Responsive design is the art and science of making sure your website looks great and functions flawlessly on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The goal is to provide an easy-to-navigate, easy to read, effortless website experience – no resizing or panning required! Why you need it: There are many different devices… Continue Reading »