Work Smarter, Not Harder, with Your Digital Marketing


Though our role is to teach our clients how best to use digital marketing tools to support their businesses and implement strategies to do so, we inevitably learning a thing or two from each and every client with which we work. Stephanie Shalofsky, NYC Professional Organizer of The Organizing Zone, taught us one of these… Continue Reading »


When Less is More: Copywriting That Works


More and more people are using smartphones and tablets when they visit your website. The move to smaller screens has a profound impact on the role copy has on your websites. Images have become increasingly important, while the space available for text has shrunk. People won’t sit and pore through dense paragraphs of text on… Continue Reading »


Getting Physical: Supporting Your Digital Presence in Your Physical Location


Social media was created to support your brick-and-mortar business in the digital realm, but in a time when the lines are blurred between the physical and digital, you must boost your social media presence in your physical location as well. Supplying reminders while your business is fresh on your customers’ minds – and how much… Continue Reading »


If Your Business Depends on Independent Retailers Selling Your Product, Read This


Hey, brand managers and manufacturers? I’m talking to you. It’s time we have a talk about why your products just aren’t selling as well as they might be, and what you can do to change that. Let’s start the conversation by looking at the day of your typical independent retailer. These are some busy people…. Continue Reading »