Leading Them On: What Qualifies as a Digital Marketing Lead?


All too often in the digital world if business owners can’t see the direct path from a digital marketing message to sales thy are quick to say that their strategy is not bringing them any leads. However, 9 times out of 10 this is simply untrue. A lead is not a sale. As the name… Continue Reading »


4 Ways to Encourage Your Customer to Talk About You on Social Media


We all want our customers to talk about us on social media, but how exactly do those conversations start? It turns out that the brands that are the most visible on social media put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating that visibility. Customers sometimes need to be talked into being brand advocates…. Continue Reading »


Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes: Understanding The Cultural Implications of Your Marketing Choices


When you’re working hard on building your business, it can consume all of your attention. All you think about is what you can do to attract customer attention, convert that attention into sales, and keep those customers so satisfied they keep coming back – all the while telling their family and friends how wonderful your… Continue Reading »