This Post Is Really About Multi-Channel Marketing & Not One Bit About The Super Bowl. Really.


Every year, the entire nation comes to a stop to celebrate football’s ultimate event: the Super Bowl. Tickets sold out very quickly, and right now, as this blog post is being written, the very cheapest legit tickets available on the second market cost over $1,500. People who can’t make it into the stadium will be… Continue Reading »


Fake Reviews on the Internet? Surely You Jest!


The PBS News Hour has broken a story that’s really not news at all to any small business owner: some, if not all, of the reviews that can be found on Yelp, Angie’s List, and similar websites are not entirely true. For a few dollars, you can have someone write your business’ praises online, even… Continue Reading »


E-Commerce Incentives: It’s All About the Shipping


E-commerce shoppers often have to be encouraged to buy. While customers who visit your physical location most likely do so with the intent of making a purchase or looking into a future purchase, the majority of ecommerce sites report that their conversion rates are between just 1% and 5%. Customers can easily browse online, doing… Continue Reading »


Connecting With Customers Means Expanding Our Definition of Content


The New York Times recently released a list of its most popular pieces of content for 2014. You might be surprised to discover that the top items – the ones that were viewed most, shared most, commented on most – weren’t, in fact, news stories. Instead, photo galleries, quizzes and contributed content drew in the… Continue Reading »