Live Long and Prosper: Marketing Lessons from Mr. Spock


Our entire team was incredibly saddened to learn of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. His work – especially his role as Spock on Star Trek – was part of our lives as we grew up. He’s widely credited with inspiring legions of scientists, programmers, and tech wizards. And we have to say that Nimoy’s masterful… Continue Reading »


Starting Over: Entrepreneurship After Life in the Corporate Trenches


So, our economy has changed. And one of the ways it has changed is it that there are many, many people once employed by large corporations who no longer have their jobs. The ages of these people vary, of course, but a sizable number are 40-ish and older; they’re far too young to retire, and… Continue Reading »


What Will Net Neutrality Mean For Your Business


As you may have heard, the FCC is about to vote on Net Neutrality. Many business owners are busy running their businesses, and so haven’t spent a lot of time following the convoluted and seemingly endless arguments Net Neutrality advocates and their opponents have had prior to this moment. However, as it appears certain that… Continue Reading »


Facebook’s Relevance Scores: Why They Matter To You


If you’ve been checking the performance metrics associated with your Facebook advertising, you may have noticed a new number on the report. This is your relevance number, a digit between 1 and 10 that reflects Facebook’s estimate of how relevant your target audience will find your messaging. The higher your ad’s relevance score is, the… Continue Reading »