Committed to Creating Excellent Experiences

You’ve worked really hard to bring your business to where it is today. We’re here to help you take things to the next level.

At Technology Therapy, we pride ourselves on being a cohesive, coordinated team of friendly experts who understand business.

Our experienced digital marketing professionals focus on their own areas of expertise, while strategic coordination ensures that everyone is working toward the same goal: building your business. You can depend on our world-class web design, development, and marketing skills. Every member of our team is experienced and professional.

The excellent experience is focused on you. We listen to you, going the extra mile to fully understand your company and your customers. We’ll ask lots of questions, and we pay attention to the answers. We think about your customer, and we try to think like your customer. It’s an approach that’s helped us satisfy thousands of customers over the past 15 years.

We think you’ll like it too.

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Also: We Love Dogs

Have you heard of therapy dogs? These are the Tech Therapy Dogs! Our troop of canine companions are the best at providing steadfast support and endless encouragement. They split their days between protecting our office against all threats – especially the terrifying Poland Springs delivery driver! – and making sure that no one who wants canine cuddles goes without.

Meet Bailey, Sookie, Eli, Judy & Jake.

My entire life has been shaped by two passions:

I’m incredibly excited by technology and the world-changing possibilities it presents, and I love marketing – especially when it comes to connecting one-of-a-kind companies with their ideal customers.

These twin passions helped me find the right school (Hofstra!) and eventually led me to start my own business, harnessing the power of technology to build businesses. In 1997, social media was in its infancy. Digital marketing hadn’t even been born. My first office was in my dorm room.

From those humble beginnings, Technology Therapy Group has grown into a strong, thriving company that proudly lists national and even global brands among our clients. The experience of beginning and growing a company from the ground up gives me a uniquely entrepreneurial perspective on both marketing and technology: as wonderful as these tools may be, they’re only truly fantastic when they work to build your business.

Our clients say TTG is the only marketing firm to ever bring up ROI with them. I bring up ROI because as a business owner, I understand that making money matters.

Business owners are my favorite people – because I am a business owner. I’m passionate about educating and empowering entrepreneurs to become successful in their own enterprises. I look for opportunities to share what I know, whether that’s through teaching classes at SCORE or Social Media Magic University or through the articles I contribute to Bank of America’s OPEN Forum or Small Biz Trends.

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What We Believe

1We believe in the power of marketing.

Our comprehensive approach integrates your brand identity and messaging at every online touch point, integrating design, copy and strategy for maximum results. Establishing and maintaining social media presences requires more than technological know-how. You have to have an understanding of how people act in all situations – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and how to handle those situations adeptly and with grace.

2We believe in the power of design.

Language appeals to the logical mind, while images, color and design speak directly to the emotions. We use our visual understanding to create an online presence that connects you to your customer on multiple levels. Design enhances, augments, and amplifies your messaging so you’re more than heard – you’re remembered.

3We believe in the power of integration.

We build great websites that work, combining the fundamentals of design with aesthetic acumen and an understanding of how users – your customers – are going to encounter and engage with your website. We integrate social media into your online presence to deliver a seamless, brand-building experience for the customer. We do it all on multiple platforms, so you look great everywhere your customer sees you.

4We believe in giving back.

Sharing our strengths results in a better world – for everyone! That’s why the TTG team is passionate about giving back to the community. Jennifer regularly speaks pro bono to women’s groups, providing encouragement and empowerment to the next generation of business leaders. We donate well-designed, well-built websites to non-profits, including NOWNYC. And of course, we’re actively involved in supporting animal rescue organizations.

It's All About You

The most interesting part of any business is their customers. After all, without customers,a business isn’t a business at all. We have some particularly awesome customers, including:

What do all our best customers have in common?

They're driven.

Whether they’re just starting a business or they have an established enterprise, they’re more than ready to take things to the next level.

They're determined.

Creating an effective online presence takes work – from us and from you! Our best clients answer calls, attend meetings, and provide us with information about their customers’ wants and needs.

There are things our best customers don't have as well--for example:

Bottomless wallets.

We understand that you have a budget. You’re never going to be surprised by a Technology Therapy bill. We’ll discuss everything with you, up front and in advance. You’ll know what you’re paying for – and what you’ll get for your money.

All the time in the world.

The business world has one speed – full steam ahead! Companies need to keep their messaging relevant and timely and their web presence dynamic in order to connect effectively with their customers. We take enough time to do the job right, and it’s your schedule, goals, and objectives drive our calendar.