Ethical AI for Effective Marketing - Technology Therapy® Group

Company Policy on the Use of AI Tools for Technology Therapy® Group

Technology Therapy® Group (TTG) is a digital marketing agency focused on empowering small business owners through innovative digital solutions. Collaborating with those who share similar values is in our DNA as we seek to strengthen business’s digital presence through multi-channel marketing and implementing the latest technologies.

Here at Technology Therapy® Group, we have a “people first” approach to every project and process we carry out for clients. 

Technology can never take the place of human intelligence and creativity; we view it as a tool that can help our team give clients the very best results. As a modern agency, we leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to enhance our services and help our clients achieve their marketing goals. Clients get the confidence and peace of mind from knowing that any copy we craft for them is not just copied and pasted from an AI tool, but copy that has been tweaked by AI and meticulously edited and polished by human marketing experts at TTG.

As the relationship between human and AI-generated content continues to evolve, we encourage you as a business owner to create your own AI usage policy. We acknowledge the ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies as it continues to shift the marketing landscape and how 21st century humans work. The policy below outlines our stance on the use of these tools in our operations and in our recommendations to clients.

Policy Summary

Usage of AI Tools

TTG employs AI tools to optimize marketing strategies, analyze data, and provide insights that drive successful campaigns. Our use of AI is transparent and aims at ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in our service delivery.

Ethical Concerns

We recognize that the training of AI tools can raise ethical concerns, especially regarding how data, art, and other creative works are sourced and whether the original creators are duly compensated.

There’s a growing discourse about intellectual property and copyright concerns in the marketing industry as generative AI becomes more prevalent. These concerns extend to the artwork and photographs used in training AI tools, with some pending lawsuits highlighting these issues.

Algorithmic Fairness and Bias

Algorithmic bias, where AI systems may unfairly discriminate against certain groups, is a concern. We are committed to addressing this issue by ensuring that the AI tools we use and recommend adhere to the principles of fairness, non-discrimination, and non-manipulation.

Client Recommendations

We recommend our clients to conduct thorough research on AI tools, review privacy policies, and understand the ethical implications before adopting them. This is crucial for ensuring responsible use of AI in marketing efforts.

If a client wishes to use an AI tool known for unethical data sourcing or other unethical practices, we will respectfully decline to support such tools and may consider such a client as not being a good fit for our agency’s values and standards.

Automated Advertising

Ethical concerns also extend to automated advertising enabled by AI. We advocate for transparency and ethical practices in targeting customers, respecting their privacy and data rights.

Generative AI and Sensitive Information

Generative AI can sometimes be inaccurate and may expose sensitive company information if not handled with caution. We advise against solely relying on generative AI for critical decision-making and recommend safeguarding sensitive information when using AI tools.

Environmental Sustainability

The environmental impact of AI technologies is a concern. We are committed to using and recommending AI tools that prioritize environmental sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and those of our clients.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are crucial for building trust with clients and stakeholders. We maintain clear communication about how we use AI and how it impacts our services and our clients’ marketing efforts.


We acknowledge that many smaller businesses may not have the budget to hire graphic designers or other specialists. AI tools can offer cost-effective solutions, and we strive to provide affordable yet high-quality AI-powered services to our clients.

This policy reflects TTG’s commitment to ethical practices in leveraging AI tools for digital marketing while ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients. We will continually review and update this policy in light of evolving ethical standards and legal frameworks surrounding AI technologies to adapt to the changing times while maintaining our commitment to providing quality digital marketing solutions for the growing businesses we support.