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Our Values

The core values that guide the Technology Therapy® Group team

From the training sessions we lead to the tools and solutions we offer, Technology Therapy® Group strives to uphold the following core values. We share them with you here to be transparent about the “why” that guides and motivates our team each day.

Whether we’re helping a client navigate Google analytics or learn a new marketing tool, building and maintaining relationships with our staff and clients is the energy that keeps our firm going. It’s an honor to partner and collaborate with individuals and business leaders who share similar values.


Technology Therapy® Group believes in a constant trajectory of growth — both for us and our clients. We’re constantly learning and expanding our knowledge so we can share it with business leaders and solopreneurs (in the form of training sessions and free resources). Our goal is to empower clients through education and mentoring so they can reach their goals and broaden their customer base.

Trust & Integrity

Technology Therapy® Group is committed to building an environment of trust and integrity. We believe that these two values are intrinsically connected. It’s easy to trust someone who has integrity. Our team is dedicated to trusting in our clients and building their trust in us. Because we know that trust is a two-way (not a one-way) street.

Empathy & Compassion

Growing a business and improving our skills means being patient with ourselves; success does not happen overnight. Every team member at TTG has a posture of patience and compassion toward clients and colleagues. We understand that the digital marketing world is a new and unfamiliar territory for many of our clients — and we’re with you, to guide and cheer you on every step of the way.


The TTG team is dedicated to our clients, our team, and the work we do. We have a vision — and the discipline to bring it into reality. But we also know that commitment isn’t a solo sport. It takes a committed team AND committed clients to complete projects and accomplish objectives. We like to think of it as an “ecosystem” of commitment.


We uphold that time is a precious resource, both for staff and clients. That means we respect how long it has taken our experts to learn and hone the skills required to deliver quality services. And we value our clients’ time and the effort they put into all they do. When you work with us, we’re focused on you. In every interaction, we promise to take up as little of your time as possible while we work alongside you to achieve your goals.


TTG consistently cultivates a culture of accountability. We believe that accountability goes both ways. That means we hold our clients accountable and expect them to do the same for us. This environment of accountability is characterized by open communication. Accountability is what helps us all hit both our personal and professional milestones.

Quality Control and Attention to Detail

There’s one core value that underpins all the others here at Technology Therapy® Group: quality control and attention to detail. It’s the foundation that upholds all the other principles we cherish.

We don’t just aim for excellence; we make it a consistent reality. Our team embodies a culture of continuous personal and professional development, underpinned by accountability and a unified vision of success.

This fundamental value distinguishes us in the dynamic digital arena, elevating the precision and depth of our client deliverables. Whether it’s transforming a website, crafting a marketing strategy, or developing a social media calendar, our focus on quality and detail is paramount.

Moreover, this commitment extends to our educational offerings. We ensure that every training and webinar we conduct for small business leaders is not only accessible and relevant but also practical and in-depth. This approach ensures that our clients receive not just solutions, but excellence in every interaction.

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