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It is our mission to help Empower You to Leverage Today’s Digital Tools strategically and effectively across all your communication channels.

To achieve this goal, we offer a myriad of services specially designed for our retail jewelry clients:

Digital Reviews

Need a fresh perspective on how your digital channels are performing?  We provide an in-depth report that covers the technical set-up and user experience of your website, search engine analysis, social media performance, YouTube or video optimization, and digital advertising improvement opportunities. Each report is tailored to your needs. Our team does a deep dive into each platform, personally reviewing, analyzing, and providing recommendations for your business.  With fresh eyes comes a fresh perspective to help you take your digital presence to the next level. 

1-on-1 or Team Trainings

It’s not easy to stay up to date on all the digital tools your business has to use today. We provide 1-on-1 and team trainings or coaching on many of the areas you and your team need to be on top of, including:

  • Multichannel Strategy and Planning
  • Content Planning
  • Defining Your Story and Brand
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Selling
  • Email Marketing, Segmentation, and Nurturing
  • META Advertising
  • Google Adverting
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Google Analytics – GA4
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • And More!

Improve your team’s skills online or in-person. We’ll build a personalized training program to meet your needs. 

Design, Development & Digital Execution

We live in a multichannel, digital-first world and for over 25 years our team has been designing and developing websites, focusing on enhancing the user’s experience before the term UX even existed. Our digital programs build on the objective of driving the right customers to our stores and creating a seamless experience from acquisition and discovery channels to engagement.

WordPress / WooCommerce
Integrates with: POS, Klaviyo, and Meta

Custom software React and Vue with embeds on other jewelry stores

Shopify / Rolex Hybrid
Integrates with: Klaviyo,

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Strategy, Planning & Data Analysis

Today’s multi-touch, multi-audience, multi-channel world requires stores to be strategic, agile, and analytical. Our team has been helping jewelry retailers craft plans that check all these boxes for over a decade. We work collaboratively with our retailers to create plans that breakout month-by-month and week-by-week tasks that make it easier for everyone to succeed. And we’re there to support them after the plan is implemented, reviewing the results and insights provided by each channel to create clear actions for optimizing and improving future performance.

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We’re Committed to the Jewelry Industry

Jennifer Shaheen and Technology Therapy Group have been involved with the Jewelry industry for over a decade;  contributing content, speaking at various industry events, and training retail jewelers directly.  

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