Connecting With Customers Means Expanding Our Definition of Content


The New York Times recently released a list of its most popular pieces of content for 2014. You might be surprised to discover that the top items – the ones that were viewed most, shared most, commented on most – weren’t, in fact, news stories. Instead, photo galleries, quizzes and contributed content drew in the… Continue Reading »


How Long Should Multi-Channel Advertising Campaigns Last?


One of the biggest challenges business owners face is determining how long any given marketing campaign should last. This is especially true for multi-channel campaigns, when you have all of your company’s messaging vehicles focused on one specific message; whether that’s promoting a sales event, a particular line of merchandise, or another offer. It turns… Continue Reading »


Want Your Facebook Ads to Deliver Results? You Have to Focus!


Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to small business owners, yet many companies shy away from using them. There’s a very common misconception out there that Facebook ads don’t work, but the truth is that they actually work quite well – if you know how to use them. Focus is… Continue Reading »


Available Today: #SmallBizLady’s New Book!


Melinda Emerson has definitely been a ground-breaker in the world of social media marketing. If you’re active on Twitter at all, you’ve probably seen #SmallBizChat, the wildly popular, long running live chat that she runs. More than 3 million people receive Melinda’s entrepreneurial advice each week, learning from her experience and positive attitude. Personally, I… Continue Reading »