Quality Beats Quantity Yet Again: Big Brands Adjust Their Social Media Strategy


If there’s one thing the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain understands, it’s quality. The hotel chain is known for its devotion to providing the best quality experience in the world: they’re famous for it, and they know that’s why their customers choose them. That understanding of how important quality is to their customers led the Ritz-Carlton to… Continue Reading »


Should You Be All Fired Up About Amazon’s New Smartphone?


Smartphones have become such a central part of our existence: more than two-thirds of all Americans have one, and they have rapidly become the most popular way to access the internet and do some online shopping. For a long time, we’ve had just a few platforms to consider: Apple’s iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android based… Continue Reading »


What You Need To Know About the RebelMouse Reboot


RebelMouse is one of the best-known content curation platforms. It’s used by companies that wish to collect multiple streams of content – gathered from websites or social media sites – and present it in a single, branded environment where it’s super simple for visitors to re-share the content to their own communities. Earlier this month,… Continue Reading »