Understanding What FREE Really Means


One of the first things you learn in business school is the TNSTAAFL principle. TNSTAFFL stands for “There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”, and it’s a reminder that anytime someone purports to be giving you something, they’re expecting to realize a benefit from their act. We’ve all heard about the “free” weekend getaway… Continue Reading »


Are You Bothered By Your Bounce Rate? 3 Things You Need To Know


Any fan of Technology Therapy Group knows we’re passionate about metrics. Measuring how customers behave on your website and social media is so important, and understanding the way users navigate through your digital presence can result in increased sales and greater profitability. One of the metrics we talk about, and that many, many people get… Continue Reading »


Originality is Overrated – Really!


After the Republican National Convention, everyone’s talking about originality. High school teachers across the country took to social media to explain the ins and outs of plagiarism; both Melania and Donald Jr. have been accused of, at a minimum, borrowing key phrases from other people’s speeches. It’s clear that when it comes to content –… Continue Reading »


Can You Hear Me Now?


One of the great debates in digital marketing has to do with sound. Is it better to create a soundtrack for your video ads, or is it a waste of time as most people keep their speakers turned off? Pandora, one of the leading music streaming services, is making an attempt to answer that question… Continue Reading »