When Everything is a Headline, Nothing Is


People. We need to have a conversation about headlines. Some of you – and I’m guessing you don’t actually know who you are, yet – aren’t doing them right. It’s not your fault. The conventional digital marketing wisdom stresses how absolutely vital headlines are without ever spelling out what constitutes a good headline, how many… Continue Reading »


Marketing & Technology Got Married A Long Time Ago…Why Are You Forcing Them To Live Apart?


It’s thought experiment time! Pretend you’re about to revamp your business’ website. You know it’s time – you’ve had the same site for five years and it’s just not generating business for you the way you know it should be. So you’re sitting down to discuss what the new website will look like and how… Continue Reading »


Net Neutrality: An Update for Small Business Owners


Remember last week when we discussed how the FCC was expected to finally vote on Net Neutrality? Well, the FCC did vote, and on February 26 it was decided: going forward, the Internet will be treated as a telecommunications system – a utility, subject to government oversight and regulation to ensure everyone has equal access… Continue Reading »


Live Long and Prosper: Marketing Lessons from Mr. Spock


Our entire team was incredibly saddened to learn of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. His work – especially his role as Spock on Star Trek – was part of our lives as we grew up. He’s widely credited with inspiring legions of scientists, programmers, and tech wizards. And we have to say that Nimoy’s masterful… Continue Reading »