Available Today: #SmallBizLady’s New Book!


Melinda Emerson has definitely been a ground-breaker in the world of social media marketing. If you’re active on Twitter at all, you’ve probably seen #SmallBizChat, the wildly popular, long running live chat that she runs. More than 3 million people receive Melinda’s entrepreneurial advice each week, learning from her experience and positive attitude. Personally, I… Continue Reading »


2014’s Top Word Isn’t A Word at All…What Does This Mean for Your Business?


Global Language Monitor, a Texan think tank that researches and tracks language trends, has just released their annual report on the most popular and influential phrases people are using. For the first time ever, the most popular word isn’t a word at all. It’s an emoji – a symbol composed of typographical characters. Emojis are… Continue Reading »


It’s 2015: Multi-Channel Marketing is No Longer Optional


A new year brings a new reality to business owners: we can no longer pretend that multi-channel marketing is something we can choose to do or not do. Today’s consumers have significant customer service expectations. They take it for granted that they can reach us via their social media platform of choice, as well as… Continue Reading »


Do You Have a Naughty List?


Santa Claus is a famous list keeper. He’s got two that we know about –the Nice List, which details all the well behaved children and all the wonderful gifts they’re getting, and the Naughty List, which includes all the not-so-well-behaved kids who are getting coal in their stocking. Have you ever wondered what happened after… Continue Reading »