4 Reasons Your Business Blog Stinks…And How To Make It Better


Blogging remains one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing arsenal. Not only does an active blog boost your SEO ranking, but well-executed, useful content can serve as the vital heart of your social media marketing. Driving traffic to your blog from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest brings your customer to your website,… Continue Reading »


This Post Is Really About Multi-Channel Marketing & Not One Bit About The Super Bowl. Really.


Every year, the entire nation comes to a stop to celebrate football’s ultimate event: the Super Bowl. Tickets sold out very quickly, and right now, as this blog post is being written, the very cheapest legit tickets available on the second market cost over $1,500. People who can’t make it into the stadium will be… Continue Reading »


Fake Reviews on the Internet? Surely You Jest!


The PBS News Hour has broken a story that’s really not news at all to any small business owner: some, if not all, of the reviews that can be found on Yelp, Angie’s List, and similar websites are not entirely true. For a few dollars, you can have someone write your business’ praises online, even… Continue Reading »


E-Commerce Incentives: It’s All About the Shipping


E-commerce shoppers often have to be encouraged to buy. While customers who visit your physical location most likely do so with the intent of making a purchase or looking into a future purchase, the majority of ecommerce sites report that their conversion rates are between just 1% and 5%. Customers can easily browse online, doing… Continue Reading »