Positioning Yourself on Social Media


Last Thursday, March 27th, I had the great opportunity to be seminar leader at Destination U, a very dynamic event created and hosted by The MI Network. This amazing three session workshop was all about giving attendees the tools they needed to find direction in their lives. What do you use when you need directions… Continue Reading »


Perfectionism = Procrastination = Bad Digital Marketing


Today I want to talk about one of the small business owner’s biggest problems: procrastination. We all put things off to do later – it’s human nature. But sometimes procrastination can get us into real trouble where digital marketing is concerned. Right now, some of you are protesting that you are absolutely not a procrastinator…. Continue Reading »


You Can’t Trust the Tools: The Importance of Human Touch in Social Media


Managing your social media is a time consuming task. Curating content to disseminate to your followers, drafting posts that not only engage your fans, but are also optimized for your key phrases, answering messages and responding to comments on your page; it can sometimes seem like a full time job. Social tools like Hootsuite allow… Continue Reading »


Seeing Red: SEO Red Flags & How to Spot Them


With SEO standards evolving on an almost weekly basis, it can be tough to keep up, let alone to discern the companies who are complying to the most current best practices from those who continue to attempt cutting corners with black hat techniques. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to research your SEO’s reputation, as… Continue Reading »