A Minute of Research Can Save You an Hour of Headaches – and Maybe Even Your Company


Mary Mickel and Ali Slutsky are two Texas PR professionals who wanted to start an agency specializing in the hospitality and restaurant industry. They named their new venture Strange Fruit – a title that’s also shared by Billie Holiday’s iconic song about the lynching of African-Americans. The outrage on Twitter was immediate and widespread. To… Continue Reading »


When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Headlines: A PR Lesson from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest


When the phone rang at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, co-owner Christine Anzell knew something was wrong almost immediately. The caller said they were from Edison, the region’s utility provider. “He said we owed $500 and if we didn’t pay him now, our power was going to be cut off.” Losing the power at… Continue Reading »


Christmas E-Cards For Your Last Minute Shoppers


There are people out there who have all of their holiday shopping done already. We are not worried about these people. Let us shift our attention instead to the nearly 20% of American shoppers who wait until December 1st to start – and the one out of every two dozen people who really get down… Continue Reading »


Stuck for Creative Concepts? Try Looking at Your Business from Another Angle


One of the toughest marketing challenges a small business owner faces is constantly coming up with new, creative, engaging ways to present your products and services to a public that’s already pretty familiar with what you’re offering. Really – what remains to be said about blue jeans, furniture, jewelry or pretty much everything else that… Continue Reading »