Gathering Days: How To Get Over a Creative Slump


Running a business requires constant creativity. You’re always having to come up with ideas: sales campaigns, interesting events, and attention grabbing messaging don’t just spontaneously appear out of the ether. This takes time, energy and effort- and sometimes, all three are in short supply. A creative slump is characterized by the inability to generate any… Continue Reading »


Sharing Is Caring: Six Super Ways to Get Your Customers to Spread The Word About Your Business


One of the great things about doing business in the social media age is that customers are invested in helping the brands they love the most succeed. They know that their reviews and recommendations are powerful. Altruistic Millennial shopers love to spread the word about their favorite businesses online! Click To Tweet Spreading the word… Continue Reading »


Think Outside the Store: Building and Leveraging Strategic Partnerships for Your Promotions


Creating and executing successful in-store promotions is no easy feat. Coming up with a novel and engaging idea is only half the battle, and a tough one at that! Getting the word out is an equally taxing task. Both are made exponentially easier when you expand your horizons and consider partnering with other local businesses…. Continue Reading »


Twitter Users Love Breaking News: What This Means for Your Business


Choosing which social media platforms present the best opportunity for you to connect with your customer can be tough. To make a smart choice, you need to know not only which platforms your target customers use, but how they use that platform. For example, it’s no secret that Pinterest is the go-to social media network… Continue Reading »