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Avoiding the Social Media Marketing Time Suck

Avoiding the Social Media Time Suck


One of the biggest problems small business owners report they have when it comes to social media marketing is the time commitment. Finding content to post on your social media sites can be quite a time suck, especially if you’re maintaining a presence on multiple sites. It’s very, very easy to become distracted and spend… Continue Reading »


Keep the Conversation Going on Your Social Pages


There’s a reason why one of the biggest social media calls to action is, “Join the conversation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, etc.:” these platforms are intended to spark and foster discussions. Simply slapping content up on your social pages, treating them like one-way advertising tools, is not enough. You must not only share engaging… Continue Reading »


We’ve Got You Covered: What Facebook Cover Guideline Updates Mean for Your Business


Facebook has recently made two major updates: Graph Search and a fresh News Feed layout. With both of these announcements, Facebook began creating buzz for their press events weeks in advance, keeping marketers, business owners, and social media enthusiasts on the edges of their seats. In the last month the company has also proven that… Continue Reading »


Feed Your Curiosity: A Look at the New News Feed


Though most of us who signed up to beta test Graph Search are still waiting for our golden tickets (cough, cough), Facebook announced another major change on Thursday, March 7th: a News Feed redesign. We briefly touched on Friday, but let’s take a deeper look at how this News Feed layout will impact us both… Continue Reading »