Deciding to get started with digital marketing is the easy part. We often hear people say that they’re ready to dive into the digital sea, but they immediately find themselves struggling to stay afloat with all the different components of a successful digital strategy.

Our advice?
Take stock of what you have before bringing in new factors like ads or a website redesign.

TTG has been a trusted source of digital marketing guidance for over 15 years, and we spend every day helping our clients achieve their goals. Technology Therapy® is dedicated to empowering you to better run your business in this digital age and digital audits are among the very first things we do when we start working with a new client. It’s our goal to celebrate what you’re doing well, uncover areas where you could improve, and identify new approaches to digital marketing that best suit your industry and audience.

To best accommodate the unique needs of your growing business, we’ve developed a menu of audits for the major areas of digital marketing. Enjoy them ala carte or go for the whole 5-course experience with our Under the Microscope package.

Social Media Magnifying Glass

Questioning your social strategy? Make sure the time and money you’re spending on social media content is serving your business. Let us know what platforms you’re using and we’ll assess your approach based on best practices for post frequency, content type, and consistency.

Facebook $200 • Instagram $150
Pinterest $150 • Twitter $150
LinkedIn $150
5 Platform Bundle $500

Website Once-Over

Your website is the hub for all your digital marketing efforts: Ads point to it, SEO drives to it, and your customers rely on it. This package was created to test the usability and speed of your website, along with its optimization for conversion, shareability and marketability.

We’ll give you all the feedback you need to increase engagement, capture, and purchases on your site.

Flat Rate of $600

Searching for Optimization

Wondering how your site stacks up in search results? We’ll audit your website and Google My Business listing to determine how you stack up against SEO best practices. This includes reviewing site speed, checking keyword density and back links, and analyzing your local listing for completion and optimization opportunities.

Flat Rate of $400

Analyzing Your Analytics

Want to know if your analytics are set up correctly? We’ll review all the settings including audience segments, filters, and possible places for integration.

You’ll receive detailed notes on areas that need to be adjusted or set-up to gain better insights into your web visitors.

Flat Rate of $300

Search Ad Strategy

Do you know if your Google Ads are really converting? We will review your ad account, ensure that everything is set up properly, provide feedback about what’s working, and point out opportunities for improvement.

Flat Rate of $300

Email Eagle Eye

Wondering how you can improve your open rate, secure more clicks, and get more from your email list? We’ll review your email marketing system and provide tips and recommendations to improve your open and click through rates.

Flat Rate of $300

Social Ad Scrutiny

Are you advertising on Facebook or Instagram? We’ll audit your ad accounts and provide you with feedback about how to lower your ad costs and improve your reach.

Flat Rate of $300

Under the Microscope

This package is for anyone looking for an all-encompassing audit of their entire digital presence including inspection of your website, analytics, SEO / SEM, social advertising, and email marketing.

Flat rate of $2000

Pick the Package That’s Right for You!