Retail Love Story: 3 Ways to Re-attract Your Customers

3 Ways to “Woo” Your Customers Back to Your Retail Brand

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Key Takeaways:

Learn how to craft an effective re-engagement email.

Discover the types of social media content and features that prompt re-engagement.

Find out how to level up in-store events to reconnect with inactive buyers.

February is a celebration of all things love. And, while many people are focused on rekindling romance with their partner, it’s a great time for retail businesses to “rekindle the romance” with inactive customers. According to data from Bain & Company, even a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a business’s profits by more than 25%. And repeat customers spend 67% more than new ones, as research from BIA Advisory Services indicates

But where do you start with customer re-engagement campaigns? Here are three ways to re-engage customers and help them fall back in love with your brand. 

Repeat customers spend 67% more than new ones.

BIA Advisory Services

Re-Engage Through Personalized Email Discounts

Special deals are no longer just a desire for customers, but an expectation. According to Statista, 46% of U.S. consumers expect personalized offers and discounts in return for their brand loyalty. Here are some steps for identifying your inactive customers, crafting personalized discount emails, and evaluating campaign success.

Before you send personalized email discounts to inactive customers, you’ll have to determine which customers fall into this category. Use email marketing tools to segment contacts who haven’t engaged or purchased a product for a year or more.

Each email marketing platform will have different features for this. In Klaviyo, for example, you can create an unengaged segment. Simply navigate to the Lists & Segments tab of your account. Next, select the Create New button, then Create Segment. You’ll then want to define the segment for the types of actions these customers didn’t perform within a certain timeframe. 

Use your email marketing platform to set up an email flow for these re-engagement messages. Start by using their name to add a personal touch. Acknowledge their past interactions with your company, possibly referencing a specific purchase or positive experience they had. This shows you value and remember their individual business. Suggest products or services they might find interesting based on their purchasing history or preferences. 

Include a special offer or discount tailored to their interests. Consider a “Welcome Back” discount to spark renewed interest. You could also send them a “Loyalty Reward” discount based on products or services they were previously interested in. “Flash Sales” and “Birthday month” discounts are two other methods to lure back inactive buyers. 

In your conclusion of the email, end with an open-ended question or a request for feedback. This shows you value their opinions and prioritize their needs. Remember, the goal is to make the customer feel uniquely valued and tempted to revisit your business. And make sure to edit the email to ensure an inviting and warm tone before you send the message to members of this segment. 

Once you’ve sent your re-engagement campaign, track your analytics so you know how effective the campaign was. Klaviyo, for example, has a campaign performance reporting feature. Use the data to shape your future re-engagement emails to this segment.

46% of U.S. consumers expect personalized offers and discounts in return for their brand loyalty.


Leverage Social Media for Engagement and Sales 

Online shopping is only growing in popularity, especially among younger buyers like Gen Z. Social channels are a fantastic tool to leverage to re-ignite a spark with inactive shoppers. 

Boost engagement with specific content like Instagram polls asking customers to choose between two products. Test out Facebook live sessions for Q&As and YouTube shorts that share fun facts about your business or products. This content will increase your visibility while building a community feel for your buyers.

Inspire customer engagement by hosting UGC contests. For example, ask them to post Instagram photos using your product in their daily routine, with a hashtag specific to your brand. Align contests with holidays or special events like Easter or Earth Day. Reward winners with attractive prizes like exclusive merchandise, a feature on your social media, or a 20% discount on their next purchase.

Tap into social selling features like Instagram or Facebook Shops, which allow tagging products in posts for direct purchase. These tools simplify the buying process, letting customers shop directly from their social feeds.

Enhance In-Store Experiences 

Hosting in-store experiences is another essential step in luring inactive buyers back to your business. They’re a way for customers to re-discover what they loved about your brand in the first place. It’ll also inspire them to keep the relationship going by buying something new from you during or after the in-store event. 

Elevate the shopping experience for customers you’re romancing by playing up your store’s unique elements. For instance, if you run a cosmetics store, you could offer free mini makeovers or skincare consultations. A designer might host a first-look event to generate interest in their newest creations. These experiences will not only make shopping enjoyable but also create a deeper connection with your products that will have them coming back for more.

Connect with the local community to drive foot traffic and build relationships. For example, a restaurant could collaborate with local musicians for live music evenings, or a clothing boutique might partner with a local fitness studio to host a fashion and fitness day. Such collaborations not only attract new customers but also reinforce your commitment to the community.

Consider offering workshops or classes related to your products to attract inactive buyers to your store. A gardening store, for instance, could offer workshops on sustainable gardening or seasonal planting. Tech stores could host sessions on the latest tech trends or how-to workshops for gadgets to keep customers in the loop. (Bonus Tip: Bring in experts or influencers for these sessions to add an element of credibility and create buzz around your events.)

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