4 Week Website Program

Make It Happen Month:
Your New Website, Start to Finish, in Just 4 Weeks

Launching a business website can be really tough – but you absolutely need one to attract & serve your customers. If you’ve been struggling to set up your website, or just don’t have enough time in your busy schedule to make it happen, you’ll love TTG’s Make It Happen Month.

This intense, focused program will help you launch or re-launch your website with stunning professional design, eye-catching imagery, compelling copy, and powerful calls to action that help convert website visitors into active customers. Our supportive account managers will help you stay motivated and on task while our world-class team will handle all the behind the scenes work required to make it happen.

Here’s what to expect:

Week One – Getting to Know You

You meet with our Marketing Team – because a website is your best Marketing tool online – and we’ll help you identify your essential marketing message. Based on this, we’ll recommend 3 template designs and some imagery to get started. Your job? Pick the ones you like best.

Week Two – Story Time

You meet with one of our Senior Content Writers, who will interview you about your business. Don’t worry – this process is painless. You’ll get the questions in advance, and the interview is usually about an hour long. After this, the writing team gets to work. Your job? Sit back and relax.

Week Three – Make It Happen

Our team puts your website together, using the design and imagery you selected and the copy our team created. Your job? Review the results and tell us what you think.

Week Four – Showtime

During this week, revisions are made based on your commentary. There’s one more review and then it’s time to launch your new website! To help ensure your new website gets all of the attention it deserves, our team prepares an email announcement & distributes it to your list of up to 1,000!

To recap – when you choose the 4 Weeks to Fantastic Package, you get:

What you get:

  • 5-page site to start (unlimited pages for growth)
  • New website launched – Blog Post
  • 10 images for story telling
  • Custom content writing
  • Strong calls to actions
  • Email announcement to a list of up to 1,000 email addresses

Packages Start at $3,600

Monthly Hosting: $35*

Ready to Get Started?

As a manufacturing firm we have always seen our website as a passive marketing tool. We never received anything really from it. But after we launched our new website with Technology Therapy we noticed a positive growth in online inquires that we had not seen with our previous website. Having our website re-launched with a firm that understands the importance of guiding visitors to inquire made all the difference.

– John Zoldy

Sales Manager, Metallon Inc.

  • Hosting fees will vary based on platform and bandwidth