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6 Tips to Move Customers from Consideration to Purchase

6 Tips to Move Customers from Consideration to Purchase

How do we get a customer from “I know you exist” to “I want to buy from you?” This important question is a query many small businesses struggle to answer every day. 

This waiting game, known as the consideration phase, plays an important part in every buyer’s journey and knowing how to play is vital to the success of every business. Here are 6 things you can do to help nudge your customers from consideration to purchase.

#1 – Answer Their Questions

Clients or customers all have similar questions when purchasing a product or service. Bring them up and answer them early. These apprehensions, while common, are easily remedied when addressed quickly and clearly. Building rapport and establishing a relationship built on trust with your customer is key to helping them feel comfortable in taking the next step.

Whether your business sells products or services, these common concerns are important to address in the early stages. 

When You Sell a Product When You Sell a Service
What is the return policy?What if I’m unhappy with your services?
What is if breaks? Fades? Or No Longer Performs as expected?How long is the contract? Is there an exit clause?
What is it made from?Who will I work with?

#2- Be Clear and Succinct

Words have power and many times we use too many words in our messaging. Step back and look at your communication style. Are you being crystal clear about the problem you can solve for your clients and customers? Or are you being clever? Does your client have to read between the lines?

A clear message will help move your customers through the funnel. Clarity builds trust in the mind of the customer. We feel more comfortable with people who can break things down quickly and simply.

#3 Design Makes a Difference

Clarity is not limited to only your words. The concept applies to your visual design as well. How you plan the layout of your physical business location, website, and even your social posts, can help your customer feel better about working with you. Make it easy for your potential client to consider your business through clean and simple designs.

This is not always an easy task. Many business owners try to put everything out there, but clutter leads to confusion. Keep your digital design simple and if you have a lot of information that absolutely must be included, trying using bullets or shorter paragraphs. This will give the visual illusion that things are bite sized. 


They say timing is everything when it comes to relationships, and this applies to your budding relationship with a new customer, too. Timing, in this scenario, involves being easily found when someone is seeking out your service or product. Optimizing your search channels is the easiest, most effective way to accomplish this.

Staying top of mind is another way to connect with your audiences. How many times have you heard, “I was just thinking about you when I saw your social post or email?” This is no happy accident. They saw you because you’re staying steady and remarketing to them. This makes it seem like kismet when it’s actually just consistency.


Everyone likes a special offer, and when you’re trying to gently nudge a client from consideration to purchase, an incentive can be the push they need to go even further down the funnel. For some buyers, it can be something as simple as “free shipping” or “gift with purchase.” Others may prefer a “try before you buy” offer or a small discount. Enticements can motivate someone to take that next step and help them feel better about the decision they made.

#6 Credibility

Your buyer wants to know you’re the best at what you do or what you make. Your client wants to know you are passionate and reliable. Sharing your personal story and passions is one of the best ways to build credibility and move someone from consideration to purchase. Credibility can also be displayed through industry certifications, customer endorsements, or product reviews.

Your buyer wants to know they can trust you and that feeling needs to come from you. When you share your passion and ask others to share their reviews, you build your business credibility.

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