Crafting the COVID-19 Customer Experience

Crafting the COVID-19 Customer Experience

Crafting the COVID-19 Customer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has put business owners in a situation that’s totally out of their control. In many states, the decision whether to open your doors is no longer yours. Government authorities are requiring non-essential businesses to close, with no certain re-open date identified. It’s fair to say things are a little chaotic for everyone.

That being said, you may not be in control of the situation, but you are in control of how you respond to it. Your customers are in a similar state of total disruption – but they still have needs, they are still shopping, and they still value the relationships they have with their favorite businesses. In fact, during this time of forced isolation, many people are realizing more than ever how much they value being able to grab a quick bite at the corner café or unwind after a long week at their favorite club.

How Are You Staying Connected with Your Customer During the Pandemic?

We know everyone has questions about how to stay connected with their customers when in-person contact is just not happening. For that reason, we’ve put together a free webinar: Crafting the COVID-19 Customer Experience that tells you the five most critical aspects of your customer experience to address right now.

Only Have Time to Do One Thing? Update Your Website

Managing your business during this strange time can be overwhelming. If you’re in a position where you can only deal with one thing at a time – not unusual during highly stressful periods – update your website with information about how COVID-19 has impacted your business. If you’re closed, let people know. Make sure the hours you have listed are updated to reflect the current situation.

And, as much as possible, let people know what your future plans are. Your customers are seeking reassurance. If you’re able to tell them you’ll be back when things get back to normal, let them know! And if you’re not sure what the answers to those big questions are, it’s absolutely okay to say things are uncertain, but that you’ll be updating them as soon as information becomes available.

Your website is also a good place to let people know about the other ways they can stay connected with your business, such as any livestream events you’re having on social media. Learn more about these ways, as well as the critical digital marketing updates you’ll want to make by downloading the Crafting the COVID-19 Customer Experience webinar now.

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