Digital “Pop-Up” Shop

Digital “Pop-Up” Shop Setup & Management

If you’re reading this, you’re currently on the express train to retail’s digital revolution.

With more businesses making the pivot to digital than ever before, it’s crucial that brands assimilate into the digital world quickly and successfully. For many small business owners in the retail space, this means reimagining how you market…

Are You…

  • A retail brand looking to supercharge product sales for immediate deals, events or promotions?
  • A traditional brick and mortar business needing to pivot to ecommerce— and fast?
  • A small business owner looking to set up a website that’s optimized for short-term product sales?

Meet Your NEW Virtual ‘Pop-Up’ Shop

Introducing Technology Therapy Group’s new service available to business owners looking to fast-track their ecommerce sales!

Your digital pop-up shop will operate as a temporary, virtual storefront where you can sell your products online in a way that your customers will truly appreciate—especially now.

Here’s what you’ll get for a flat, one-time fee of $750*:

  • Your very own virtual pop-up shop (ecommerce store) – available to use for 1 month.
  • All the technical “bells and whistles” that go into any ecommerce site— including the set-up of shipping, taxes, and the credit card processor of your choice.
  • An expert team of designers and storytelling professionals doing what they do best to get your products sold!
  • Guidance through selecting products and price ranges that will sell best from an ecommerce perspective.
  • Supercharged product sales without the hassle of setting up your own ecommerce store.

Take a look at this digital pop-up shop we created for one of our clients!

These virtual pop-ups are great for high-sale holidays and special occasions/seasons and themes:

Mother’s Day Shop | Dad’s & Grad Shop | Love Shop

Discover the power of the digital pop-up shop! Contact us today to get started.

The Power of The Pop-Up

With such a fast and furious pivot into the “new normal”, we’re all experiencing a giant rush of digital connectedness. From a human perspective, your customers are likely lacking the physical connection their minds and bodies crave; and whether they are consciously aware of it or not, this physical disconnect can affect them on multiple levels (mentally, emotionally, and physically).

So, how can you help your customers feel more connected? How can you fill a need that they may not even know exists? The answer is simple—provide physical keepsakes that represent the memories they’re still making; physical keepsakes they can connect with and hold near and dear forever. Because people will continue living their lives— they will still fall in love and get engaged, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and create special memories. Those milestones aren’t going anywhere, and neither will your products.

Allow Technology Therapy to shoulder the stress of making these important sales happen for you. We’ll sell the memories; you simply provide us with the products. The best part is, your digital pop-up shop is built upon a special ecommerce template formulated by our very own digital marketing experts— meaning your business will be set up for skyrocketing sales!

*Flat fee is for theme stores and limited number of products. Digital Pop-up Shops can be extended for additional fees.