Important TikTok Terms to Know

Essential TikTok Terms to Know for Business Marketing

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Key Takeaways:

Creative Exchange is a way for businesses to network with creators to promote their brand and expand their customer base. 

Sharing location-specific content is a smart way to connect with TikTok users in your area.

Creating a unique hashtag is a fun way to stir up excitement about your business’s products or services. 

Authentic, rather than polished, content performs better on TikTok.

TikTok terms can be befuddling. Never fear! The Technology Therapy ® Group team has rounded up some terms you should know to wield this platform like a pro and boost your audience engagement. 

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users.”

– Sprout Social

Business Account

When you set up a TikTok account for your business, you must go into “settings” to designate your account as a “pro” account. Next, choose “business” and then choose the category that your business falls under. You should also attach your website to your bio, along with your Instagram so customers can easily find your other social platforms. 


If you have a small business with a brick-and-mortar store, posting location-specific content can help your engagement. Sharing content that is relatable about your location can make it feel more down-to-earth to locals using the platform.

Content Calendar

Engagement with users and posting consistency is key to your business’s success on TikTok. It’s helpful to create a social media content calendar to plan out when to post each week. There are also certain posting times that are the most effective for user engagement.

Hashtag Challenge

Branded hashtag challenges are when businesses create unique hashtags inviting their audience to create and share original videos as part of a social media trend. Sometimes these challenges have prizes. An example is the “playwithpringles” hashtag challenge that Pringles created where participants got creative with their pringles cans on TikTok. A hashtag challenge is a fun way to increase engagement and get fans excited about your product.

A hashtag challenge is a fun way to increase engagement and get fans excited about your product.


This term is an acronym for “profile pic.” It refers to the profile picture tied to your account.


This means “for you page,” which is the main timeline viewers see when they log into TikTok on their personal devices. The FYP shows viral videos that the algorithm thinks would be appealing to a user based on what videos they have interacted with in the past.


If this is present in the caption of a video, it means the video was “inspired by” another TikTok user. That person’s username appears next to the IB as a way of giving credit to the original video.


Similar to IB, DC is a way to give credit to another TikTok user who created an original dance. “DC” stands for “dance credit.”

Creative Exchange

This is a partnership program that businesses can participate in with TikTok. If you’re a member of the Creative Exchange, you’re connected with creators on the platform that can promote your brand and expand your customer base. 

This phrase means “best practices” for solopreneurs and small business leaders who are posting on the TikTok platform. Surprisingly, polished videos are NOT the most viral content on TikTok. Authentic videos that appear casual usually perform the best.

Surprisingly, polished videos are NOT the most viral content on TikTok. Authentic videos that appear casual are.


This term indicates the special distinctness that your products or services have within your industry. For instance, you can put hashtags in the caption of a video to target your specific niche. This, in turn, boosts engagement with your business’s content.


This stands for ‘user-generated content’ and refers to posts that other people have made about your products. Reposting, commenting, and re-sharing this content is a solid way to establish your presence on TikTok. From here you can ask people to share videos featuring your products with the incentive of reposting them on your account. 

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