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Grow Your YouTube Channel with End Screens

Key Takeaways:

What are End Screens?

If you’ve ever watched videos on YouTube before, as millions of people do every single month, then you’ve likely seen an end screen. A YouTube end screen is a feature that you can use in the last 5-20 seconds of any video to promote additional content and link to other resources. End screens allow you to suggest something else for viewers to watch that they’re likely to already be interested in. You can use end screens to help extend watch time, direct users to your other content, and showcase the assets you want viewers to pursue.

Make sure your end screens include elements that prompt action, like buying a product, watching a video, or visiting a landing page with some form of capture on it. Every view is an opportunity to connect your YouTube channel to other elements of your business.

Why Should I Create End Screens for My Videos?

Did you know that YouTube’s algorithm is set up to reward channels that keep viewers on the platform for longer periods of time? Well, now you do! What’s good for YouTube is good for YOUR channel, too, and that includes end screens that keep viewers bouncing from one video to the next.

Accordingly, end screens are a great tool to help you grow your YouTube channel because they help you to increase viewer retention. After one video ends, you can entice your viewers to watch another, sort of how grocery stores put candy bars and drinks by the register to convince you to spend just a little bit more at checkout.

The chance to promote up to four elements is another reason why end screens are important to your brand. Not only can you showcase another video or two, but you can:

  • put your merchandise on display
  • encourage contributions to crowdfunding campaigns
  • promote your website
  • remind views to like and subscribe to your channel

Don’t miss an opportunity to capitalize on viewers’ attention! Set up end screens using the simple steps in this video and watch your channel grow.

How to Add End Screens to Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the second most popular website worldwide. So, anything you can do to expand the reach of your video content on the platform could be a huge help to your business. Adding end screens is one simple way to keep audiences hooked.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to Your Channel. Click on the icon with your profile picture to get here.
  2. Go to YouTube Studio. This is where you can upload videos, see analytics, and other valuable tools for your channel.
  3. Select a Video. You can create unique end screens for each of your videos. In this step, choose the one you want to work on first and click the pencil icon to start editing.
  4. Select the End Screen Option. Of course, you’ll want to navigate to the end screen section and tap the pencil icon again to open the end screen editor.
  5. Choose Your Layout. YouTube has templates available to help you build the end screen that’s best for you.
  6. Add the Elements You Want Users to See. Add your logo and a prompt to subscribe to your channel, choose a video or let YouTube autofill which video is best for your viewers, etc.

Design your YouTube channel – and thus your end screens – to complement the other elements of your brand like your website, social media, and any print marketing you traditionally use. Your brand presentation should be cohesive across platforms so your audience can easily recognize you.

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