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Get Ahead for the Holidays

A Guided Holiday Program for Retailers

Each year, the holiday season seems to arrive faster than we anticipate. The rush of preparations can be overwhelming, particularly for retailers juggling their marketing plans. This year, let Technology Therapy Group (TTG) steer you ahead of the curve with our specialized 4-week training and coaching program, Get Ahead for the Holidays. This program, featuring 90-minute live sessions, is designed to foster personal attention with a limit of just 10 stores per cohort.

Join your coach and a close-knit group of peers in the industry each week. You’ll be equipped with videos and handouts to review before each session, tailoring the live discussions to your specific needs and queries.

  • Week 1:

    Introductions & Retrospection
    Embark on this journey with an interactive virtual meet-and-greet with your coach and fellow participants. We'll chart the course for the weeks ahead and clarify any queries during this inaugural session. The focus of the first week is on understanding the power of looking back, reviewing your past holiday season to identify what worked and what didn't.

  • Week 2:

    Pre-Holiday Strategy
    Before diving into the holiday content calendar, we'll take a comprehensive look at your existing marketing channels, evaluating their effectiveness and identifying areas of improvement. This step is crucial to get a better understanding of what you're working with and how best to optimize your online and offline marketing efforts for the holiday season.

  • Week 3:

    Structuring Your Holiday Agenda
    Equipped with a clear understanding of your marketing channels and past initiatives, it's time to compile everything into a coherent plan. This week will bring your holiday roadmap into focus, showing what's needed to make each event and promotion a success.

  • Week 4:

    Execution & Timelines
    In the concluding week, all the pieces come together. We'll segregate tasks that need to be delegated to external vendors or partners from those to be executed in-house. The result is a detailed week-by-week task list, keeping you organized and reducing stress as the holiday season approaches.

With TTG's Get Ahead for the Holidays program, take control of your planning process.

Embrace a proactive, organized strategy that leaves you fully equipped for a successful, stress-free holiday season.

4 Weeks

$ 595

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