Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers | TTG

Quick and Easy Tips to Protect Your Facebook Profile from Hackers

Key Takeaways:

Nobody Thinks It’ll Happen to Them

If you’re like most small-business owners, you’ve invested a lot of time and resources in creating a Facebook Business that engages your customers. You may have spent years growing your brand and building trust. But what if something leaves your business page vulnerable to a Facebook hack?

Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them, but unfortunately, hack-attacks are more common than you think.

In this 4-minute tutorial, TTG Founder and President Jennifer Shaheen will share what you need to know to protect yourself AND your business from a Facebook hack.

Be on the Lookout for Strange Notifications from Facebook

Hackers like to create fake emails that look like they are from Facebook. These are usually meant to scare you into some action with messages like “Your account will be suspended in 24 hours.”

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are getting better at this. They’re paying attention to what notifications Facebook does send and duplicating those in hack attacks. And they can be pretty tricky to spot. 

Here are some things to be on the lookout for:


  • A notification that doesn’t have the correct Facebook branding doesn’t use the full Facebook logo, and the sender address in the URL is also incorrect.
  • Missing identifying information. A real Facebook notification will include your profile picture next to the information, your first name in the greeting, and your email address in the footer.
  • The notification is missing the footer with more information, including an unsubscribe link and Facebook’s address information. 
  • Spelling and grammatical errors. This is an obvious one. If you see the email is from “Facebook Securitys Teams” instead of “Facebook Security Team,” don’t open it.
  • If you get an email notification asking you to call a number to fix an issue with your account, search the number before you call. Facebook won’t ever ask you to call them for any reason.

Be cautious about any unexpected email trying to get you to take action, and be smart about what you click on. It’ll only take a couple of extra seconds to look for any red flags.

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

It’s really hard to fix these problems once you are hacked, and the best defense is to prevent it in the first place. Here are some steps you can take to secure your Facebook account today.

  • Make the most of Facebook’s Security Settings.
  • Create a strong password – passwords are the first line of defense in online security.
  • Use 2-factor authentication – if you ever log into your Facebook account from a new device, the platform will automatically ask you for your password and require an additional security check.
  • Use multiple admins for the account just in case you ever lose access or are unable to log in. 

If you ever get a suspicious email or notification, don’t click on it. Go to the Facebook Support Inbox and submit any concerns you have about your account, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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