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"I Do Contest" Package

A Unique Way to Connect with Your Community and Boost Engagement Ring Leads

At Technology Therapy® Group, we’re revolutionizing how jewelers connect with their communities and unlock the potential of their business. Introducing the “I Do Contest” – not just a contest, but a gateway to engaging potential customers, generating invaluable leads, and diving deep into the desires of your audience.

The Contest That Converts

Imagine a quiz that does more than just entertain. At the heart of the “I Do Contest” Package is a personalized online program designed to captivate your audience. It’s about creating real connections, understanding deep desires, and offering a chance to win the engagement ring they’ve always wanted. This is your opportunity to shine, showcasing your exquisite rings and generating leads that light up the path to increased sales.

Tailored to Jewelers and Their Success

We understand the art of engagement. That’s why TTG takes the helm in setting up your jeweler’s Facebook & Instagram ad with the brilliance of your chosen assets. From captivating videos to the shimmering rings you wish to feature, we manage it all. Supply us with your treasures, and we’ll ensure they capture the hearts of your target buying audience. Our aim? To save you time. So you can focus on what matters most – nurturing leads and enhancing your engagement ring sales.

Continuous Engagement Beyond the Contest

The journey doesn’t end at the “thank you” auto email response. With the “I Do Contest” Package, every entrant is just the beginning of a nurtured relationship. Our email flows are crafted to extend a warm welcome, thanking participants for entering, and continuing the conversation with one to three tailored emails. These communications are your opportunity to spotlight specific engagement rings, guiding potential customers towards making that dream purchase.

Insightful Data at Your Fingertips

Every lead is a story waiting to be understood. With TTG’s “I Do Contest”, all entries are meticulously organized into a central system, granting you effortless access to critical data. But we don’t stop there. Our comprehensive report unveils the secrets within, offering insights into your target market. Discover the when, the what, and the how much – from engagement timelines to your potential customers’ favored ring styles, spending willingness, and even geographical location.

3 Sparkling Benefits for Your Jewelry Store

1. Gain Leads

Harness the power of engagement and convert curiosity into leads. The "I Do Contest" is your beacon, attracting potential customers with the allure of winning and the joy of discovery.

2. Understand Your Audience

Dive deep into the hearts and minds of your community. Our detailed report turns every entry into a lesson, helping you tailor your approach and offerings to match their dreams.

3. Know Your Market

Uncover the true desires and financial readiness of your market. From favored styles to budget considerations and engagement timelines, gain the clarity needed to refine your strategy and offerings.

Illuminate Your Business with TTG's "I Do Contest"

Connect with your community, enlighten your strategies, and elevate your engagement ring business with TTG's "I Do Contest" package. Reach out to TTG, and let's create sparkling futures together.