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Learn How to Preview and Test Email Marketing Campaigns with Klaviyo

Key Takeaways:

Is Klaviyo Worth It?

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that helps eCommerce store owners deliver a personalized experience for their customers. It allows users to link with other popular platforms and is often used alongside Shopify to help business owners build a complete marketing ecosystem. So if you’re running a retail business, the short answer is yes, it is definitely worth it!

As an agency with decades of experience in email marketing for small businesses, we’re proud Klaviyo partners because we see how much versatility it has for growing businesses. With Klaviyo, you can send bulk SMS campaigns and personalize every message with powerful automations, too. It makes managing content simple! Klaviyo allows you to build multi-channel experiences for your customers and manage it all from one platform.

“Results speak for themselves - Klaviyo has helped brands across the world make more than $3.7 billion in revenue in the last year alone. It has never been easier to create deeper, higher-value customer relationships, which is why an average of 67 brands move to Klaviyo every day.”

Why Testing Email Campaigns is Important

Whether you’re creating a Klaviyo abandon cart flow, or a welcome series, testing your emails is an essential step in the process. Klaviyo offers a feature that will enable you to test the sending time for your campaigns. You can set your campaign to be sent at different times throughout the day while randomly selecting subscribers from your targeted audience. You can also have two or more variations of the same email within a single campaign, ensuring that everybody gets the same content at different send times.

“Testing is a crucial part of getting more out of your email. It is an essential tool for all marketers to not only improve your emails but get to know your customers better — what kind of images, content, calls to action they engage most with?”

Klaviyo and eCommerce are a Perfect Pair

When using Klaviyo, you can seamlessly integrate various tools and platforms, including Shopify or WooCommerce. And if you have an e-store already, it’ll only take minutes to connect your shop with Klaviyo.

With an ecommerce-integrated Klaviyo account, your customer data – including what products they’ve viewed, what they’ve added to their cart, or if they’ve started the checkout process – is logged. You can leverage this data to drive more sales and create stronger relationships with customers.

There are more reasons to consider Klaviyo if you’re a retailer, too:

  • ROI-based Reporting – See what’s working in your email campaigns based on actual transaction data.
  • Pre-built Autoresponders – Send a follow up message to entice customers to buy and upsell them based on recent purchases.
  • Product Catalog & Design Blocks – Link your product catalog to Klaviyo and put products directly in your messages to drive traffic to featured items.
  • Facebook Ad Integrations – Connect your ecommerce, email marketing, and digital advertising to start creating buzz around your products.

In short, Klaviyo is a data-savvy solution to scaling your email marketing and streamlining your ecommerce connectivity. It’s an excellent option for working smarter, not harder.

Linking your ecommerce to your email marketing opens up a whole new world of automations that improve communication for you and your customers. From thank-you messages, to upsell flows, to abandon cart flows, Klaviyo allows you to trigger a campaign to send based on what someone buys, if they leave products in their cart, etc. – all automatically!

Want to Learn More?

Creating an email marketing strategy that works for your small business – without overburdening your team – can be tough. Technology Therapy Group is here to help with email marketing tips to empower your business.

Looking for the Perfect Email Marketing Platform?

Klaviyo is one of our favorite platforms for email marketing, especially for small businesses selling their products and services online. If you’re new to email marketing or you’re ready to level up from your current platform, consider Klaviyo.

Klaviyo offers: 

  • An impressive contact data dashboard for tracking website clicks & email opens
  • Integrations with top e-commerce, shipping, and social media platforms
  • Dozens of pre-built templates & a drag-and-drop-style campaign customizer
  • Flows, signup forms, coupons, and more!

Start building beautiful campaigns with data-driven insights and intelligent integrations on Klaviyo today!