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Marketing in 2021 Encompasses So Many Things…
Let’s Work Together to Help You Win!

No one knows your business like you and your team, but everyone could use a little help bringing things to the next level with external analysis and fresh new ideas from time to time. We invite you to work directly with an expert at TTG for guidance on the areas of your marketing where YOU need it most!

Your monthly mentor package includes two meeting per month with a creative strategist and data analyst to discuss your current and upcoming needs. They’ll also provide you with detailed meeting notes, including specific action items, and a monthly report outlining successes and areas in need of improvement.

We can provide mentoring on the following:


Our creative strategist will review your internal marketing plans and discuss with you the best paths forward, highlighting blind spots often missed when looking at the big picture plan. This can often include proper budgeting, timelines, and resources.

Social Media:

Our Analysts can provide a thorough review of your social media presence, help you assess your data to determine what’s working and what’s not, and recommend new tactics and ideas to increase your following and engagement.

Email Marketing:

How do your open rates and click through rates compare to the industry averages? Are your emails actually converting into sales? Our Analysts will help you learn all this and more.


Let us review your website’s speed, content strategy, posting frequency, backlinks, reviews, and more and make recommendations on how you can move up in Google’s local rankings.

Events & Promotions:

Want to put a new spin on your typical events and promotions or just want to get more people in the door? We’ll analyze your event planning and marketing strategy, provide creative feedback to enhance your customers’ experience, help you determine a promotional timeline, identify additional marketing opportunities, and define how you will measure success.

Website Usability and Marketing Effectiveness:

Already have a great web company but never had your website reviewed with a Marketer’s eye? Our Analysts will examine your site to determine abandonment rates, missed opportunities for capture, and more. They can also help you communicate with your web team to take your site from good to great!

How It Works:

For you to see results, you’ll need to commit to two 1-hour calls per month and follow up with your team. Together, you and your mentor will determine which areas to tackle and create agreed to measurable goals. Your mentor will be there to guide you and hold your business accountable to the goals you set.

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