Multi-Week Meta Ads Course for Retail Jewelers

Meta Ads for Retail Jewelers: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into our immersive 2-session program, a harmonious blend of training coupled with strategic insights and advice. For a more personalized experience, we’re capping participation at 10 seats.

Program Highlights:

Curriculum Overview:

When you register, you’ll receive a pre-session video that will help you know what you need before you arrive for the first session. This introductory video ensures you have all the essentials ready and at hand for an engaging learning experience.

Live Session 1:

Laying the Groundwork & Decoding Ad Types

  • Crafting timely holiday ads

  • Ideal start dates

  • Recognizing and selecting ad types

  • Necessary preparations post-session

  • Ensuring compliance with standards

Note: After this session, immerse yourself in the videos below to kickstart your ad creation journey.

Module 1:

Mastering the META Ads System

Module 2:

Crafting Perfect Assets

Module 3:

Demographics & Placement: Getting it Right

Module 4:

Ad Set-up Demystified

Module 5:

Analyzing Ad Performance

Live Session 2:

Addressing Queries & Offering Support

  • Send in your questions beforehand for a seamless session.

  • Experience live screen sharing and support, tailored to your learning journey.

Special Price for IJO Members: $295