People Power: Communicate with Charisma & Clarity

People Power: Communicate with Charisma & Clarity

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Key Takeaways:

People Power: Communicate with Charisma & Clarity

We are all powered with one of the sharpest tools to make or break our small businesses our ability to communicate effectively. Boost the odds that the message you intend to communicate matches the one received by your clients and co workers by clearing out cluttered wording, becoming body language fluent, and tuning into tone.

Live Attendees’ Reviews:

“This session was great. Lots of information, very interactive, and many tips. All of what makes for a great presentation. Thank you.

Barbara F
Jamaica, NY

“What an amazing webinar! I learned so much about public speaking, what to do with my hands, how to be more open and engaging to make clients feel more comfortable.

Cat L
West Haven, CT

“Delightful presentation. I enjoyed it. Beneficial information. Lots of anecdotes and jokes to borrow.

Kris H
Atlanta, GA

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