High Precision Mobile Ad Targeting

Connect with Your Customers… In the Right Place… At the Right Time… With the Right Message

Boost In-Store Traffic by Understanding Customer Behavior

Mobile advertising works best when the messages are relevant and timely to the person viewing them on their smartphone. There’s a reason the world’s most powerful marketing platforms –Google, Facebook, and YouTube –all allow advertisers to specifically demand what type of person sees their ads. You’ve had the ability to target your ads by age, income, gender and interest for a while.

Now the technology exists to take your mobile ad targeting to the next level. Imagine connecting with your customer:

  • As they shop your competition
  • During their stroll around the neighborhood
  • After they’ve researched the type of products you sell
  • At the precise moment your offerings are most relevant to them

Discover High Precision Mobile Ad Targeting

Location based marketing is the next, most important evolution in mobile marketing for the small business owner. Build on what you’ve already achieved with your marketing and generate even more in store traffic with:

Audience Targeting
70% of US adults second screen – checking out their phone while they’re watching TV. Take advantage of this to build your business. For example: You know your customers are sports fans who love a good game! Use audience targeting to remind them how good your pizza & wings are after kick off. See delivery orders increase immediately!

Location Targeting
Your customer is shopping at the competition’s store. Retail Dive reports that nearly 6 out of 10 shoppers use their phones to look up product prices & information while they’re in store. Wouldn’t you like to let them know you have everything they’re looking for, including better prices and great service? Geofencing allows you to target by address, neighborhood, or zip code.

Weather Targeting
You sell more umbrellas when rain’s in the forecast and shovels when it’s going to snow. Weather targeting allows you to enhance relevance with precise weather conditions, and connect with people who are being directly impacted by local conditions. Powerful for specialty retail & restaurants.

Valuable Customer Insights

High Precision Mobile Ad Targeting Delivers 3 Types of Customer Insights

It’s important to remember that one of the primary benefits of paid mobile advertising is the amount of data you receive about the people who view the ads -people who are or could easily become your customer.

Visualization Data allows you to understand your in-store traffic trends and develop a better understanding of how customers are finding your business.

Audience Data makes it easy to tailor your marketing to segmented groups. You’ll also learn about what types people do business with you – or with your competitors.

Trade Area Data reveals neighborhood level insights about your customer base. You’ll learn where your customers live, and where they’re likely to shop.

Is High Precision Mobile Ad Targeting Right for Your Business?

Technology Therapy Group delivers best-in-class results by using location data to create mobile ads that drive in-store traffic. High precision mobile ad targeting works well for retail, restaurants, and any business that’s impacted by seasonal factors, including service providers. To find out more, schedule your free, no-obligation consultation by using the form below.

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