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When Technology Therapy Group builds your website, you get: The look your customers can’t resist. The fast, flawless functionality your customers expect – on every device they use, including desktops, smartphones, and table computers. The powerful sales tool your business deserves.

The Total Package: Web Design & Development

Technology Therapy Group’s uniquely integrated approach puts building your business at the center of everything we do. World-class web designers and developers work under the direct guidance of Jennifer Shaheen’s proven marketing direction. The result is a website that look great, works flawlessly, and most important of all, connects you with your customers.

Technology Therapy Group is your beyond full service web design and development company. Our team does it all, from the initial strategic planning, creative concept development, site design, coding and development, through testing and launch. Our sites are built to current industry best practices, optimized to be highly visible and extremely appealing to your target market.

The Integration Imperative

Our fast loading, fully functional built for business websites integrate the features your customers expect and the back-end tools that make site administration super easy. Responsive and adaptive web design means that your customers can connect with you on their device of choice – no matter what they may be.

Scalable site design means you can have the business website you need today without breaking your budget – while laying the groundwork that makes adding more functionality or supporting dramatically increased visitor traffic easier when the time comes.  This sensible approach to growth has proven to work especially well for retail, restaurants, manufacturers and service businesses.

Is It Time To Go Mobile?

Over 2/3 of all Americans now own a smartphone. An increasing number of people are using smartphones and tablet computers as the only way they access the internet. A Technology Therapy built mobile site provides the essential elements of your company’s identity, critical information, and compelling offer with the flawless functionality your customers demand. When you’re ready to go mobile, choose Technology Therapy Group to make it happen.

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