Social Media – Changes & New Emerging Platforms

Social Media – Changes & New Emerging Platforms

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Key Takeaways:

Social Media – Changes & New Emerging Platforms

Explore the dynamic landscape of Social Media in this webinar. We’ll review the latest changes and emerging platforms, gaining insights into adapting strategies. Uncover the potential of new trends, optimize content, and harness the power of evolving platforms for impactful digital presence.

Live Attendees’ Reviews:

“This was great. Direct and comprehensive. Something every small business owner should watch.”

Grace K.
Burbank, CA

“I learned more about social media in this hour than I have in the past 3 years. Some of it complemented what I’ve already learned and much of it was brand new info that was so digestible and helpful.”


“Great webinar, wonderful presenters, useful info I can put into effect right away. I highly recommend!”

Lily C .
Brooklyn, NY

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