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In today’s digitally connected landscape, social media isn’t simply about sharing images or videos; it’s an art of storytelling, a bridge of connection, and a testament to your store’s authenticity. For independent jewelry retailers, harnessing the power of social media is about resonating with your local community on a consistent basis. The right approach can’t be mass-produced; it requires local flavor, personalized touch, and a deep understanding of your unique business. Allow us, at Technology Therapy Group (TTG), to guide you on this journey of effectively integrating social media into your business strategy.

Our comprehensive program aims to ease the load on store owners and managers, placing you in the capable hands of our experienced social media strategists and content creators. Whether it’s guiding a member of your team or helping you hire a local intern, we are committed to enhancing your social media presence.

Here's what the Empowerment Program offers:

Local Talent Guidance

We help train a team member or assist in hiring a local intern, bringing a personal touch to your social media content.

Monthly Content Planning

Our team strategically plans monthly social media content, focusing on evergreen topics relevant to jewelry stores, as well as promotions and events happening in your store.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

We provide regular guidance, meeting every other week to oversee the execution of engaging images and videos needed for your social media.

ChatGPT Training

Our experts will train your chosen individual to utilize ChatGPT in crafting impactful captions and scheduling content effectively.

Continuous Monitoring & Guidance

We review and direct the intern or team member's work, ensuring a successful and fruitful outcome.

Monthly Progress Reports:

We meet monthly with store owners or managers, providing insights, analyzing growth, and discussing future strategies.

With TTG, go beyond the conventional boundaries of social media. Uncover its true value in your market, elevate your brand, and connect genuinely with your local community. Together, let’s create a digital narrative that resonates, influences, and cultivates a loyal customer base.

6 Month Package

$ 1,500
per month

Show Special:

$ 1,200
per month

Evergreen Social Advertising

$ 300
+ Social Ad Spend

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