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Dream A Better Dream: Why Businesses Pivot


Vision changes with experience. This is especially true for business owners. Launching and growing a company impacts the way you see and understand many things – yourself, your industry, the marketplace as a whole. Assessing the results of decisions made emphasizes the fact that opportunities still remain to do things differently, should an alternative route… Continue Reading »

Don’t Be an Information Hoarder


Information and ideas are like currency within your organization; they are meant to be exchanged or they have no real value. Having an idea is great, but that’s only half the battle. In order to be actionable, your ideas and information need to be spread both inside and outside your organization. Your employees and customers… Continue Reading »

Getting Started on Twitter in 4 Easy Steps


In case you didn’t know, Twitter is ranked 4th amongst all the social networking sites. In 2012, Twitter beat Google+ and Facebook in growth numbers. If you have been thinking about using Twitter as part of your business strategy, here are 4 easy steps to help you get started. Step 1: Decide the strategy &… Continue Reading »