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Get Ready for the Sound of Silence: Google Expands “Mute This Ad”


Almost everyone has had the experience of browsing an online store, lingering for a moment or two over an item that was kind of appealing, and moving on without making a purchase, only to have ads for that appealing item show up time and time again – even when you’re not shopping at all, but… Continue Reading »

Google+ Latest Changes Makes Platform More Pinterest-Like


Poor Google+. Of all the social media networks, it’s had the hardest time gaining traction, and there have been repeated reports of an impending demise. Google hasn’t been shy about retiring slow-starting or even popular products before (Remember Google Reader?) so the expectation that the plug would be pulled on Google + doesn’t seem all… Continue Reading »

A Pretty Website Isn’t Enough: Marketing Your Business in a Mobile World


If you’ve ever heard me speak, you’ve heard me say the following words: “Your website is the heart of your business.” And that’s absolutely true. Your website is often the first place a customer will look to find out more about your company, searching for everything from what type of products or services you offer,… Continue Reading »