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Coordinate with Your Local Partners to Promote Events on Social Media


Community is hugely important to many of the retailers and other small businesses we work with. They’re deeply involved in efforts to help area schools, charitable organizations and other causes. These efforts are personally meaningful, but they also make good business sense: many customers prefer to do business with those companies they feel are helping… Continue Reading »

How Big Is Your Neighborhood?


For a vast majority of businesses, the local marketplace really matters. Retailers, restauranteurs, and service providers know there’s a limit on how far customers will be willing to travel for their offerings. The size of your neighborhood has an impact on what marketing tools and techniques make sense for you. Click To Tweet E-commerce has… Continue Reading »

Mobile Ads Meet Local Customers with Foursquare


Ads that reach individuals who are interested in your type of business and ready to make a purchase right now – seems too good to be true, right? Maybe not with Foursquare’s new promoted updates. Though the company released ads for large chains last year, they have just recently begun honing ads for local businesses,… Continue Reading »

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Great News for Restaurants and Foodies Alike


Last week we spotlighted social media tips for Food Trucks in honor of the Vendy Awards. Now we’re back with news that will help restaurants – and diners – of all kinds. Location-based check-in social app and business directory, Foursquare, now allows users to perform local searches for specific menu items. Whether you’re craving spaghetti… Continue Reading »