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Strategy Time: How Are You Planning To Be Visible During the Holiday Season?


The Jack O Lanterns are already being edged out by the Snowmen in a store near you: the holiday season has unofficially begun. There’s a little bit more than 12 weeks remaining till peak shopping hours. That means it’s time to review – or create, as the case may be – your plan for maximizing… Continue Reading »

Stop Talking About Change – Just Do It


Sometimes I think that Nike owes every business owner on the planet an apology. Their tag line, “Just do it!” is great motivation when it comes to getting off the couch and into a fitness routine, but it can be disastrous marketing advice. This morning, I had a great meeting with a new client. We… Continue Reading »

Updating Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2014

Refreshing Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2014


One of the best things about the New Year is it presents us with an opportunity to review our performance and make improvements where necessary. As business owners, we look at every aspect of our operations and say, “How can I make this work better?” Digital marketing is an area of particular concern: changes in… Continue Reading »

The 4 C’s of Marketing


Marketing to me has never been an exact science, but there are certain ingredients that make up successful marketing plans and strategies. Here are the 4C’s of marketing: Creativity, Clarity, Consistency, Continuity. Creativity: You are unique and you should celebrate that in your business. Find different things about your organization that allow you to stand… Continue Reading »