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LinkedIn Sponsored Posts: Why & How-To


On July 23rd, LinkedIn’s blog revealed to the world that the new sponsored updates had begun to appear for users. And it was not too much later that this feature was officially opened up to LinkedIn company page administrators. Let’s examine the what, why and how of LinkedIn sponsored updates. What Are Sponsored Posts? LinkedIn… Continue Reading »

LinkedIn Updates to Boost Your Presence


Today I am giving a workshop to the marketing department on using LinkedIn. In case you have not noticed, LinkedIn has been making some changes, dripping out enhancements to existing features and adding support materials to ensure that you’re taking advantage of those features. Notable Updates for Users Mention Companies & People in Updates: LinkedIn… Continue Reading »

B2B Social Networking – Get LinkedIn


In a recent article on Forbes.com, a study sites that LinkedIn is the preferred social media outlet for executives. The article further explained that executives admit to using the tool an average of about an hour per week, with the majority declaring that they use social media each day. Many of us have acknowledged that… Continue Reading »