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Content is King, Communication is Emperor: The 4 C’s of Digital Communication


You may have heard it said that “a confused mind takes no action.” When it comes to interacting with potential consumers as a small business in the digital sphere, nothing is more accurate nor relevant. Communicating with customers online presents a number of challenges that leave very little room for error (think: semantics, context clues,… Continue Reading »

Debranding, Earned Media, and You


The future of branding is debranding, Forbes magazine proclaims, and this time around, debranding means something different than it did three years ago when everyone was excited about Coke taking their name off of their labels and putting people’s names on. Today, debranding means giving up on traditional advertising and focusing one’s promotional efforts instead… Continue Reading »

Pay To Play: Understanding The Rise of Sponsored Content For Your Small Business


Have you ever read a news story on a site like CNN.com, only to find your attention captured by the headlines in the “From Around the Web” section? Those stories are known as Sponsored Content. Content creators pay to have links to their materials appear on popular websites. It’s a tactic that’s becoming increasingly relevant… Continue Reading »