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Should Your Store Look Like Your Website?


Everybody sleeps, but not everybody wants to buy a mattress online. Nest Bedding has always embraced an omnichannel strategy, with a very robust e-commerce presence as well as brick and mortar locations. What’s really interesting, as Digiday reports, is how the physical store locations’ design and aesthetic was influenced by the website. [Customers] are going… Continue Reading »

Scroll On: Why Scrolling is the New Normal


If you jumped on the web bandwagon early for your business, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “above the fold.” This is the idea that you should have everything important on each web page positioned such that the user does not need to scroll down to see it. Five, three, or maybe even just one… Continue Reading »

Mom Always Taught Me: Being Beautiful Takes Work


On Saturday evening I was talking to friend of mine about clothes and fashion. I found myself sharing the advice my mom used to tell me; “ Have you ever found yourself envious of another business’s website? Now I am not talking about a big company’s website – those sites are like celebrities who always… Continue Reading »

Which Comes First Website Copy or Design?

Ask The Web Developer: What Comes First – Copy or Design?


When we’re working with a business owner to help them develop a more effective online presence, one question comes up time and time again. When you’re creating a new website, which comes first: copy writing or design? It’s not a bad question. It’s just generally less relevant than you might think. Copy and design are… Continue Reading »