The Pros and Cons of Live Streaming for Small Businesses
Key Takeaways:

Live streaming is an existing digital marketing trend that gained significant traction during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, especially for influencers across video and social media marketing platforms. Here’s what you need to know about the growth of live streaming and how this trend can be used to boost your small business:

The Growth of Live Streaming

Live streaming gained a new lease on life during the coronavirus pandemic, as viewership increased across multiple platforms and newly introduced features enhanced marketing and creative potentials in the arena.

As many big-name brands partner with influencers, creators, and celebrities to promote online shopping and events via livestreaming, many small business owners are left wondering: How can this digital marketing trend benefit my small business?

Live streaming gives consumers an opportunity to:

Pros & Cons of Live Streaming for Small Businesses

Livestreams give businesses a way to share products and services with consumers and communicate about them in real-time. They’re a highly interactive digital marketing tactic where anything can happen. Instant broadcasting provides a forward approach to gaining more exposure, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few pros and cons to live streaming for small businesses:

Live Streaming Pros

Live Streaming Cons

Test Out the Waters

Want to test out the waters of video marketing before you dive head-first into a live stream? If you’re unsure about whether live streaming is right for your brand or don’t know how to align your brand’s content with a live stream, or how to add video marketing to your rotation, check out these on-demand options from TTG!