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These are the Trends Pinterest Pros Predict for 2021

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This year’s Pinterest Predicts report is out, along with all the trends Pinterest pros expect to see as 2021 continues to unfold. Whether you plan on working Pinterest into your current digital marketing strategy or are already seeing the fruits of your labor, here’s what all small business owners should know…

Did You Know?

442 million people around the world are using Pinterest today to find inspiration for tomorrow.

Despite being called, “the most unpredictable year in history,” 8 out of 10 of Pinterest’s predictions for 2020 did, in fact, come true. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what’s “soon-to-be-trending” for 2021 and how small businesses can use these trends to their advantage moving forward…

For all the Pinterest-newbies out there, Pinterest is a social media platform centered around sharing images that users can “pin” or save to personalized digital pinboards. Think of it as an online vision board where you can search any topic imaginable and find a range of visual content that runs the gamut from how-to’s, to checklists, to handy infographics, to DIY hacks, and more.

Give the Pinners What They Want: Pinterest Trends for Every Generation

From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, every generation in existence is currently using Pinterest to save their favorite inspirations and ideas. Here’s a breakdown of who’s driving what in terms of Pinterest trends for 2021:

  • Baby Boomers:

    It seems Boomers are the new nomads, and the planet is their playground. These Pinners – ranging from 57-75 years young – are in search of inspiration for road-tripping escape vehicles and roadworthy ideas. According to global data, popular key search terms include “Nomad normal” and “Getaway car”, with a 40% increase in searches for “RV accessories”, an 80% increase in searches for “nomad aesthetic”, and a whopping 165% increase in searches for “couple stargazing” year-over-year.

    • Advice for Brands:

      Depending on your industry, businesses can promote tips for cross-country road trips, meal ideas for gazing at the stars, mini-size beauty/toiletry products, and ultra-compact luggage solutions to help travelers pack light for whatever journey lies ahead.

  • Gen X:

    Currently between 41 and 56 years old, Gen X Pinners are seemingly perfecting their kitchen skills with a hankering for tasty recipes and food-focused trends. Popular search terms for this age range include “Epic charcuterie,” “Bland is banned” and “You’re the top chef.” Other top searches in the US include “bread art,” and “tea recipes homemade” which have increased in searches by 130% and 60% year over year.

    • Advice for Brands:

      Brands in the tech, home retail, food and beverage, and home cleaning spaces can take advantage of this trend by promoting devices for easy recipe access, gadgets and utensils used by the pros, Michelin-official recipes and easy clean-up products and techniques for foodies.

  • Millennials:

    Also known as “Gen Y”, Millennial Pinners who range from 25 to 40 years old are currently behind the “more door” movement as they search for ways to create some personal space at home. Considering home is where we spend most of our time these days, this trend makes logical sense. Key search terms for the US include “cloffice ideas,” “home library design,” “bookshelf room divider” and “modern mud room.”

    • Advice for Brands:

      Retail businesses can share ideas and products that help create hybrid spaces at home— such as popular paint colors and multi-purpose furniture solutions. Tech companies can push products that increase Wi-Fi speed and connectivity, and fitness brands can promote sleek, easy-to-store workout equipment solutions.

  • Gen Z:

    The babies of the bunch, Gen Z Pinners (aged 24 years and younger) are brushing up their brow game with “Rainbrows” and driving fresh takes on beauty trends like “Indie beauty”. This age group wants colorful clothes, emoji-inspired manicures and multicolored makeup products.

    • Advice for Brands:

      Brands across every industry can capitalize on their creative assets and provide colorful, doodle-inspired products that appeal to this younger audience.

Trending Search Terms by Industry

As per this year’s Pinterest Predicts report, below is a list of trending search terms broken down by various industries. To view the full report and get more details on any of the search terms listed below, simply click here.


  • Indie beauty
  • Poppin’ protective styles
  • Rainbrows
  • Skinimalism


  • Little moments of big love
  • Weddings, unplugged


  • Athflow
  • Cocoon swoon
  • Up clothes and personal


  • Bet on yourself

Food & Beverage

  • Bland is banned
  • Epic charcuterie
  • You’re the top chef

Hobbies & Interests

  • Digital décor
  • Embracing the tactile
  • Progress, not perfect
  • World play


  • Dish it out
  • Japandi aesthetic
  • More door
  • Vibey lights


  • Lessons in mindfulness
  • Not-so-furry friends
  • Save a parent, save the planet


  • Getaway car
  • Hypothetical sabbatical
  • Nomad normal


  • Invest in rest
  • Modern mystic
  • Ritual baths

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