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View Your Ads & Spy on Competitors' Ads with Facebook Ad Library

Key Takeaways:

Are Facebook Ads Still Effective?

Facebook is still holding onto its share of popularity with about 178 million Americans using the platform. Combine that with the more than 200 million small businesses from across the globe using Facebook’s tools, and you’ll see why the platform has become a major hub for commerce and conversation.

The Facebook advertising system, though it has undergone innumerous changes over the years, is among the most popular – and most useful – of the tools on offer. Whether you create your own ads, outsource your digital advertising to a marketing agency, or are doing some research on how to get started, this quick tip for how to use the Facebook Ad Library is one you’ll want to remember!

What is the Facebook Ad Library?

Like any library, the Facebook Ad Library is a collection of information that you can search through and use to learn. This library in particular is all about a business’ current, active ads. When accessing your own ad library, you’ll be able to see all of your ads in one place and understand how they look to the other Facebook users that they target.

But it’s not just a helpful tool for quality checking your own ads. As part of Facebook’s effort to improve transparency, the Ad Library feature actually allows you to see ads that are running for any business across Facebook and Instagram.

The ad library provides advertising transparency by offering a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running from across Facebook apps and services, including Instagram.

How to Use the Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad Library is a useful tool to keep in mind throughout various stages of your digital advertising journey. Regardless of your relationship with Facebook ads, the ad library can be helpful in devising and adjusting your marketing strategy – for advertising and beyond.

  • Quality Check Your Own Ads – As Facebook Ad Partners and a marketing agency, we understand that you may not be building your own social media ads. You should still care about how they turn out, though! If you’ve hired an agency or individual to manage your Facebook and Instagram ads, the ad library is an excellent way to see your active ads at a glance, and provide feedback to their team working on them.
  • Spy on Your Competitors – Competitor research is important to any small business hoping to carve out their own market share. See what your competitors are advertising by scoping out their ad library! You’ll be able to see what deals and sales they are promoting, the keywords they are using, and the imagery they’ve selected. Use these insights to inform your own ad strategy and other marketing assets.
  • Understand Facebook Advertising – The world of digital advertising can be a tad nebulous when you don’t have something concrete to look at. See what a completed ad actually looks like, and learn the components of a successful ad by viewing the ad libraries of businesses similar to yours. This will help dispel some of the confusion, and empower you to start running ads of your own!

Figuring out how to improve your ad performance can be tough if you’re not sure what metrics to take into account. With your new knowledge of the Facebook Ad Library, you’ll have a bit more guidance on what to do next. And if you find yourself needing more help, consider working with a digital advertising expert who can help tailor your ads to fit your goals.

Digital advertising is an ongoing process of creating, analyzing, and adjusting. Don’t create a campaign and let it run unchecked! You should assess the data from each of your ad campaigns and make changes to keywords, audiences, and imagery accordingly to better reach customers.  

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