Social Media’s Surprising Ace: Wimbledon Uses Snapchat to Boost Fan Engagement


Wimbledon is the embodiment of traditional British culture. The world’s oldest tennis tournament has many rules: players must wear all white – no exceptions – and there is no advertising allowed around the courts. Umpires use formal forms of address when communicating with the athletes, and the ball boys and girls are trained to be… Continue Reading »


Long Form, Short Form: Who Cares, As Long as It’s Good?


One moment, brands are being told that customers have the attention span of goldfish and if you want to capture their interest, your entire story must be told in ten seconds or less. Yet the next advisor will tell you about the tremendous hunger for rich, long-form content, leaving you with the impression that it’s… Continue Reading »


Victoria Spills Her Real Secret: The Measurements That Matter


For a very, very long time, the Victoria’s Secret catalog occupied a distinct space in the direct mail world. Featuring pages and pages of beautiful women wearing expensive underthings, it was considered essential reading by many and a mainstay of the brand’s identity. But Victoria’s Secret announced today that the catalog is over – if… Continue Reading »