Critical Thinking: Your Most Valuable Marketing Skill


This morning, I was reading an article in Entrepreneur Magazine. It’s all about color theory – a fascinating area of study, really; delving into the biological and behavioral responses we exhibit when we encounter a certain hue or color scheme – and the impact color theory should have upon us, as marketers. One assertion made… Continue Reading »


When Mobile Marketing Matters Most


The best sales person your business has ever had may be your customers’ smartphone. Mobile marketing has proven to be uniquely effective at shepherding site visitors into the sales channel, a fact that can yield increased sales and boost overall profitability if the rest of the company’s digital marketing is poised to support the rest… Continue Reading »


The SEO Balancing Act


Some days SEO seems more art than science. Google’s algorithms change so frequently and their team gives webmasters what is often vague advice regarding complying with their standards and boosting rankings. Still, there are proven tactics for maintaining and improving your search rankings. The key: time, dedication, and a balanced focus between the big picture… Continue Reading »


Experience Sells, Catalogs Don’t: Effective Online Selling


Let’s talk about the real situation in digital marketing today. Every business has a website. Almost every business has a social media presence. Yet not every business is thriving. The ones that are understand a fundamental truth about today’s customer: they’re not just shopping, they’re looking for a good time. The Experience Driven Customer In… Continue Reading »