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The SEO Balancing Act


Some days SEO seems more art than science. Google’s algorithms change so frequently and their team gives webmasters what is often vague advice regarding complying with their standards and boosting rankings. Still, there are proven tactics for maintaining and improving your search rankings. The key: time, dedication, and a balanced focus between the big picture… Continue Reading »


Give Your Digital Marketing a Good Spring Cleaning


Spring is a transitional period for all of us; a time to get rid of our clutter, clear away the cobwebs and dust that might have built up during our winter doldrums and start fresh. But this concept doesn’t just apply to your home; now is the perfect time to review your digital marketing, pull… Continue Reading »


Seeing Red: SEO Red Flags & How to Spot Them


With SEO standards evolving on an almost weekly basis, it can be tough to keep up, let alone to discern the companies who are complying to the most current best practices from those who continue to attempt cutting corners with black hat techniques. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to research your SEO’s reputation, as… Continue Reading »


Be Our Guest? Changes in Guest Blogging Standards


Guest blogging, like many SEO techniques, has gone from a practice that once helped boosted Google rankings to one that will have the exact opposite effect. As Google moves from a focus on inbound links to a focus on content and user satisfaction, guest blogging as many SEOs know it is becoming obsolete. But that’s… Continue Reading »