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Boost Sales with a Seasonal SEO Strategy

Boost Sales with a Seasonal SEO Strategy

One of the reasons Technology Therapy Group has such strong results from our SEO campaigns is because we know customer search patterns change throughout the year. This is particularly relevant to our retail clientele, who often realize the lion’s share of their annual revenue during the last quarter.

[Tweet “Traffic from PPC ads converts 50% more than traffic that’s delivered via organic search.”]

65% of customers click on ads when shopping online. Traffic from PPC ads converts 50% more than traffic that’s delivered via organic search. This means it makes sense to have targeted PPC ads that appear in response to customers’ holiday shopping searches.

Seasonal Keywords: A Smart Strategy for Small Business PPC

Make the most of your PPC budget by using a combination of holiday keywords, location information and dates. For example, targeting ads to appeal to Black Friday shoppers becomes more effective when you use “Black Friday 2018” to help shoppers identify which deals are current and geographic location to ensure that they deals they see are local to them.

Holiday Themed Content Converts PPC Driven Interest into Sales

Every PPC ad should start a journey that ends with a customer presented with an opportunity to make a purchase. Creating holiday themed landing pages or blog posts is a smart way to present shoppers with gift suggestions, special savings opportunities, and holiday discounts. Gift guides consistently perform well, particularly when offerings are arranged in such a way as to allow shoppers to find the perfect gift quickly. A well crafted gift guide can serve as the anchor point for multiple PPC ads throughout the shopping season, allowing you to realize maximum ROI.

It’s Not Too Late to Launch Your Holiday PPC Campaigns

Holiday shoppers start getting serious about gift acquisition in early October. However, it’s not too late to launch your holiday PPC campaigns. Take advantage of Technology Therapy Group’s proven PPC expertise to realize satisfying results fast. For more information, click here.

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