Local Search Marketing: It's Never too Soon to Start

It’s Never Too Soon to Start Thinking About Search

It’s Never Too Soon to Start Thinking About Search

When you’re in the process of launching or upgrading your website, it’s important to think about how your customers are going to discover and use it. This means talking about search, including local search optimization techniques like content marketing and PPC advertising.

Identifying and implementing your search strategy early in the web development process means you’ll start realizing better results from your new site sooner. Nearly 46% of all Google searches are for local businesses, which means the opportunity to connect with customers is there. You just have to demonstrate to these local customers that you’re there for them to find.

Understanding Local Search Strategy

SEO has definitely changed as people have started using technology in new and different ways. For example – voice search has increased exponentially as smart speakers became mainstream. And we can’t ignore the fact we live in a mobile-first world. More than half of all web traffic occurs on mobile devices. If you want to be found by local customers, your website needs to be mobile friendly and fast.

Is Organic Overrated?

Organic search engine optimization is the craft of creating content that addresses the your customers’ topics of interest and concerns in the language they would use to search for those topics and concerns. This can be accomplished through the type and volume of content you create. It’s difficult to achieve top search engine rankings using only organic content – almost every business requires some form of digital advertising to reach their target audience effectively – but that doesn’t mean organic is overrated. There are key messaging essentials that are vital to the customer experience that can only be achieved with well-crafted website copy.

Better Performance from Google Ads

Creating and deploying effective PPC ads is a time-consuming, detail-oriented process. However, PPC ads consistently deliver customer traffic. The Google Ad that occupies the top position on a search results page typically enjoys a click through rate that’s three to four times higher than anything else on that page. We generally recommend a mix of Local/Near Me ads and Business Ads, with copy, offers and timing developed based on your ideal customer profile.

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