How Do We Build Human Connections in a Digital World?

3 Ways to Connect Customers During Digital Discovery

3 Ways to Connect Customers During Digital Discovery

Now, more than ever, consumers are looking to have authentic interactions with business. In fact, we live in a digital-first world and 90% of consumers consider authenticity to be one of the most important factors in determining which brands or companies they support. Although the global pandemic of 2020 accelerated a digital shift for businesses all over the world, many businesses have lost sight of their voice and identity; getting so swept up in digital platforms and best practices that they forgot who all their efforts were for – people.

How Do We Build Human Connections in a Digital World?

Use Real People

Human beings have been using images to share information with each other since ancient times (think: cave paintings). Featuring people-focused imagery on your website, socials, and other digital platforms promotes trustworthiness with consumers and creates a stronger emotional connection between themselves and your business. Stock photos are an option but to make it truly real and build connections, use your people. Your team, friends and family can be a great way to crowdsource real models. If you’re selling a product, be sure to take photos on people that shows fit and scale. It also makes it feel more personal.

When you think about what to photograph and where to shoot; plan out scenes that allow visitors to picture themselves benefitting from your product or service. If you’re a local business, try to work in a local feel to your photos. If you’re not a great photographer, try to take outdoor shots or look for a local intern who’s studying photography.

Build Stronger Bonds with Video

It doesn’t get any more “real” than video. Moving pictures (i.e., video) has always done a wonderful job of telling a business’s story and engaging a targeted audience. Compared to images, videos tend to be more immersive, more informative, and more attention-grabbing. According to a recent study just including video on a landing page can improve conversion rates by 85%. Videos allow us to connect in a way that pictures do not. You can use videos to tell your story, share customer reviews and demonstrate products or services.

Videos allow your audience a chance to get to know the human side of your business. Lean into your company’s personality, Be Yourself

Create a Brand Voice 

The words and imagery you use to express your business’s messaging make up your brand’s voice. Because familiarity builds trust, consistently communicating in a specific voice is essential because it delivers information to customers in a style that they are acquainted with. This is about building on being yourself. This will allow you to connect with the types of clients that will connect best with you.

It does not matter if your businesses is relying on keyword-heavy blog articles to attract a new customer or ongoing social media efforts. No matter the digital discovery efforts your business is using, remember to focus on being authentic and creating human-centered experiences for your online clients.

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