Think Web Forms Are Boring? Think Again!

Capture Your Audience = The Power of Well-Designed Online Forms

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Online forms get a bad rap. Most businesses avoid using online forms but I Love Them! Yes, I am a little over excited about this tool.

As a marketer, I want to capture information from visitors to my website and when we work with clients, we optimize ads around a conversion point like an inquiry form or book an appointment form. The misconception by most people is that online forms have to be boring like a DMV application. The truth is, with a creative designer and a tool like Gravity Forms, your online forms don’t have to be ordinary. Let’s look at what this tool is really doing for you and your customer.

Start Off Strong 

A well-designed form that is easy to use will show your clients that you take pride in how you connect with them from day one. Think about designing your online form with pictures that make it easy for someone to understand what they are inquiring about. A form that makes it easy for a customer sends the message that you are going to be easy to work with as a company.

A well designed form
Here is a form we designed for Pranzi Tent Rentals

Get The Info You REALLY Need

We all want our clients and customers to feel like we truly understand them and their needs. From interior designers to retail jewelers, we have used creatively designed forms to gain insights into the customers mindset. Paginate your forms and use photos to ask questions and make the customer feel at ease.

Here is a snippet from a form we designed for a retail jeweler to understand their engagement ring buyer

Here is a snippet from a form we designed for a retail jeweler to understand their engagement ring buyer

Any Time, Day or Night 

People are online all the time and they want to ask questions, book appointments, or buy when it suits them. Online forms make it easy for your end client or consumer to reach out to you when it is most convenient for them. Be sure to set up an automated reply to let them know their message was received. It’s also important to follow up in a timely manner or the interest will be lost.

Online forms provide business owners a way to start a conversation with their customers and understand other anonymous data like:

  • How they arrived at your web (i.e., organic search, social, or paid ad)
  • Where they are located
  • What device they used (desktop or mobile)

Learning to leverage online forms will change your business for the better.

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