LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips for Your Small Business

How to Generate LinkedIn Leads Like a Pro

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Regularly publish different types of content on LinkedIn to increase your company’s reach.

Host virtual events on LinkedIn to engage with prospects and share your company’s unique solutions/products.

LinkedIn makes it easy to notify employees of new content published to the company profile so they can share it on their LinkedIn feeds.

Filter your company’s LinkedIn page by “mentions” to engage with potential new clients and share resources to promote your brand.

Make sure that the text on your company page’s Call-to-Action button steers clients toward your business instead of away from it.

You probably already know that LinkedIn is a prominent social media platform for businesses to use to reach current and future clients. A recent Hubspot study showed that LinkedIn had a 2.74% visitor-to-lead conversion rate. That’s significantly more leads than either Facebook or Twitter, which had .77% and .69% ratings, respectively.

Whether your business is new to using LinkedIn to generate leads, or you’re a pro at it, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips to increase your impact on this platform.

Publish Content to Establish a Presence on LinkedIn

One simple way to increase your small business’s visibility on LinkedIn is to publish organic content on a regular basis. It’s a great way to establish your brand as a progressive, forward-thinking entity that’s up-to-date on the industry and shares useful knowledge with current and potential clients.

Here at TTG, we recommend publishing a few different types of content, depending on your enterprise’s most urgent marketing goals. Informative “how-to” content does particularly well on LinkedIn’s platform and can take the form of tutorials or guides. It also reveals how aware your business is of what customers are asking while directing new clients to the products and services you offer that can address their needs.

Lead magnet content is another effective type of media to post on your company’s LinkedIn page. If you’re not familiar with the term “lead magnet,” it simply means exclusive information that clients can’t get anywhere else. This can take the form of eBooks, breaking-news reports, or a trial subscription.

Depending on what industry your business is in, case studies might be a strategic type of content to experiment with on LinkedIn. An easy way to do this is to post short blurbs of client testimonials on your company’s LinkedIn page, then have these blurbs hyperlink to the full story published on your company’s website.

Host Virtual Events to Interact with Clients in Real Time

Host virtual events for prospective clients to attend on LinkedIn. A simple way to do this is to create a Live event on LinkedIn. Though, you can also share a link to a webinar that you’re hosting on a non-LinkedIn site.

The format of the event isn’t as important as the reason for the event: to connect with prospects in an authentic way. It also lets you showcase your company’s industry expertise and provide relevant solutions/products that can make your target audience’s lives easier.

Leverage Your Employee Base to Expand Your Company’s Impact

While it’s important to post regularly on LinkedIn from your company’s page, it’s equally important to take advantage of employee advocacy to further expand your company’s reach on the platform. Good news: LinkedIn provides a convenient way to let your staff know when you post new content.

After you post a piece of content on your business’s LinkedIn page, click on the three dots above the post. Next, select the “notify employees” option. It’s a simple way to encourage employees to share company news and resources with their personal acquaintances and colleagues.

Capitalize on Networking Opportunities

Grow your brand’s presence and client base when you tap into LinkedIn’s built-in social listening tools. For instance, the platform lets you filter your company’s LinkedIn page by “mentions.” This lets you know what businesses, organizations, and LinkedIn users are saying about your company so you can share your insights and build rapport with potential customers.

Strategically Pick Your Call-To-Action Button for Your Company’s Linkedin Page

Many companies on LinkedIn have generic Call-to-Action buttons like “visit website” or “learn more.” However, TTG recommends using more descriptive CTA buttons available on the “button name” drop down when you’re setting this up on your LinkedIn page. Try the “sign up,” “register,” or “contact us” text for your company’s CTA button. Prospects gravitate towards these types of CTA buttons rather than more generic ones.

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