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5 Meta Updates that Small Business Owners Should Know

Meta Updates

Key Takeaways:

Discover recent the updates to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger that affect your business

We encourage you to engage on each platform daily

Know what generation you’re reaching on each platform

Platforms are constantly changing—and the ones within the Meta Business Suite are no exception! Here are five updates that Meta recently introduced to improve the user experience and help extend your business’s reach on the Meta platforms you leverage.

1. Meta Verified Subscription

Meta recently announced it is rolling out a new Meta Verified service. It’s a subscription service that lets Facebook and Instagram users verify their accounts with a government ID. Per Meta, some of the benefits are that you get proactive account protection, live chat support, exclusive features to expand your network and reach, and the legitimacy of having a blue checkmark on your profile.

Currently, this subscription is available only in Australia and New Zealand. You can join a waitlist for notification when/if the subscription is available here in the US. But this might be something Meta is testing out that will fade out before it goes mainstream in multiple countries.

2. Instagram Broadcast Channels

Broadcast channels is a new feature on Instagram. As defined by Meta, it’s a public one-to-many messaging tool that lets creators on the platform engage with their followers and share the latest updates to build their tribe. Creators can interact with their followers via text, voice notes, photos, polls, and videos. And followers can react to content and comment on posts within the broadcast channel.

It’s Meta’s way of keeping Instagram creators happy — and keeping them on the platform instead of going to TikTok or YouTube. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if this new feature gains widespread adoption after this initial test period. Right now, only some US creators have access to this feature, though interested creators can sign up via Instagram to be considered for early access.

Instagram’s new broadcast channels feature lets creators engage with their followers and build their tribe with exclusive texts, photos, videos, voice notes, and polls.

3. WhatsApp Status Features

WhatsApp Business is an encrypted chat platform that goes beyond the capabilities of an individual user profile on WhatsApp. Because of the platform’s international popularity, it’s a great tool for businesses with a global client base and focus.

Recently, the app revealed some new features for status updates. The Private Audience Selector function lets users control who sees their status updates. You can also leverage voice Status to express an update in the form of a short voice note. There are now Link Previews for links that users include in a status update, so followers are more informed about what the link contains before they click on it.

Status Reactions let users respond to updates with one of eight different emojis. Meta has also added New Status Profile Rings so it’s easier for users to spot which of their contacts has an update when browsing contacts within a chat list.

4. Facebook Ad Transparency

Meta isn’t seeing the returns for advertising that they’ve seen in the past. You might have noticed that many ads have a “why am I seeing this ad?” prompt. Once you click on this prompt, you can let Facebook know if you want to see the ad or not, and why. This new feature taps into machine learning so Facebook knows what ads to show you in the future based on your interests. It’s Meta’s way of respecting user preferences and improving the user experience.

5. Messenger Gets Encryption

Facebook is now expanding global testing of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in Messenger chats. The goal is to add more security for platform users, whether they’re using the tool for business or for pleasure. Meta will gradually unroll E2EE to more and more users and, if your account has been selected to receive this upgraded encryption feature, you should receive a notification.

Some Thoughts on the Recent Updates

These five updates promise to enhance your business’s impact on Meta platforms as you reach new customers and nurture relationships with current customers. We encourage you to engage on each platform daily, since Meta rewards you for being active on the platforms. The business owners who regularly engage on all their platforms see the greatest return on their investment.

It’s also important to remember that each platform has its purpose and draws a certain audience. If you’re targeting a multigenerational audience, for example, Facebook should be a central part of your marketing strategy. But to draw Millennials, plug into the power of Instagram. If you’re aiming at Gen Z, tap into TikTok.

Business owners who regularly engage on all their platforms see the greatest return on their investment.

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