Listing Right: Your Business in Local Directories

Leveraging Local Listings for Your Small Business

Leveraging Local Listings for Your Small Business

Key Takeaways:

Understand what local directories are

Learn about the benefits of a Google Business Profile

Best practices for setting up and reviewing your local listings

Don’t underestimate the value of local business listings in marketing your brand. According to a recent BrightLocal survey, 87% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses. However, it’s not just Google Business Profiles but their supporting reviews that draw in new customers. That same BrightLocal study confirms that 76% of consumers regularly read online reviews when searching for nearby businesses and that 46% of them think online business reviews are as trustworthy as referrals from a relative or friend. Join TTG as we explore what local listings are, what you should include in yours, and how to make your listings stand out.

87% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses.


What Local Directories Are

A local directory is simply an online roundup of all of the businesses in a certain geographical area. For instance, you could search for your city or state’s directory of businesses in a certain industry; say Plumbers in Massachusetts or Sustainable Retail Stores in New York. Here are just some of the local directories you can consider as you boost your business’s local SEO.

  • Google Business Profile:
    One of the key platforms where you should list your business. It helps in appearing in Google searches and Google Maps.
  • Yelp:
    A popular platform where users leave reviews about businesses.
  • Yellow Pages:
    A well-known directory where you can list your business details.
  • Bing Places:
    Similar to Google Business Profile, it helps your business appear in Bing searches.
  • Facebook page: 
    As more social platforms are being used as search engines, creating and contributing to a Facebook page is a popular way for businesses to reach more customers. 
  • TripAdvisor:
    A great platform if you are in the hospitality or tourism industry.
  • Angi: 
    A directory that specializes in service providers, where users can leave reviews.
  • NextDoor: 
    A digital listing where neighbors can connect with each other and businesses in the area.
  • LinkedIn:
    Not a traditional directory, but listing your business here can help in networking, establishing connections, and boosting your business’s credibility.
  • Best of the Web: 
    Another platform where you can showcase your business for more visibility with local consumers.
  • Better Business Bureau: 
    Create a free profile on to further extend your brand’s reach to locals in need of your business’s offerings. 

A Plug for Google Business Profiles

A Google Business Profile (GBP) is a secret weapon to engage current and prospective customers in the fast-paced digital landscape. It not only helps your business show up more often in local online searches but also gives potential customers all the vital information they need without even clicking through to your website.

GBP serves as a one-stop-shop, gathering pictures, reviews, and special offers in one place, giving a complete picture of what your business has to offer. It even allows customers to book appointments directly, saving time and potentially increasing your sales. Plus, it works hand-in-hand with Google Maps, helping people find their way to your doorstep with no fuss.

One of our favorite things about GBP is that it helps you keep an online presence with minimal effort. (And what small business owner doesn’t appreciate a time saving tool?) You can easily update your business details and get a glimpse of how customers interact with your listing. And it offers all these premium features for free, letting you spruce up your listing with photos, videos, and special categories, encouraging customers to choose your business for their needs. Regularly posting to your GBP is another way to share current information and store updates with your followers.

8 Things to Include in Your Local Business Profile

We recommend starting with a Google Business Profile, then adding your business to other listings. Regardless of directory type, your business listing should include essential information such as:

  • NAP: Your business’s name, address, and phone number
  • Business hours
  • Website URL
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • A description of your business and the industry you serve in
  • A list of products and services you offer
  • Images of your store and/or logo 
  • Customer reviews

Best Practices for Local Listings

Accuracy and consistency of information.

Make sure that your business’s info is accurate and consistent across all local listings. Those listings may very well be the only place customers look before deciding to visit your business. And if your address or store hours are incorrect, or they can’t find your website online using the address provided, shoppers will simply move on. We suggest reviewing local directory listings at least quarterly, and address issues as they are discovered.

Your business profile’s thoroughness.

The more comprehensive your business’s local directory, the better. It might seem excessive to include more than just a few pictures for your GBP or other listing, or to build up the number of customer reviews you have on your profile, but it’ll pay off in customers’ trust and engagement. They’ll feel like they know your brand better compared to a rival that has a “thin” local listing with scant information. 

The quantity and quality of customer reviews. 

Local listings are more prominent when they have a plethora of positive praise from customers. Don’t underestimate the power of UGC when cultivating your business’s local listings. What others say about your company often trumps what you say about it. 

Don’t underestimate the power of UGC when cultivating your business’s local listings. What others say about your company often trumps what you say about it.

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